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Blocks 3.5.2 (RapidWeaver plugin)

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Name Blocks 3.5.2 1149 TNT
Size 5.13 MB
Created on 2020-01-01 04:08:39
Hash 09533955759f31f3a7a7b6a425c3964cca78358a
Files Blocks 3.5.2 1149 TNT (5.13 MB)

Descriptions for Blocks 3.5.2 (RapidWeaver plugin)

Blocks is a plugin for RapidWeaver. It allows you to place blocks of text, graphics, and even raw HTML onto your page wherever you like. Drag blocks around, resize them, and even overlap content. All in a plugin that is as easy to use as RapidWeaver itself.

Blocks 3.0 brings great ways to reuse your own content (library blocks), your own layout (master pages), your own pages (library pages), and even content from other page types (Page Blocks). What more can we do? We can make everything smarter. Smart Blocks allow you to add special tags to your code that can connect to the properties of your blocks or even add GUI controls to your layout.

A Solid Foundation for your Website

Drag and Drop

Drag images, text, and even HTML right where you want them to appear on your page.

Block Library

Build reusable objects for your own site, share with others, or download pre-built blocks from developers.

Master Pages

Design the layout for many pages then use the layout again and again with Blocks master pages.

Embed Other Pages

Pull in content from other page styles to use in your Blocks layout.

Smart Blocks

Smart Blocks let developers build configurable, reusable building blocks for your page.

Image Text

Get access to all of the fonts on your Mac. Image text renders your Mac fonts into an image that even a PC can see.

What’s new in Blocks 3.5.2

  • Fixed intermittent vanishing white text when using Mojave Dark Mode.
  • Text editing in Mojave Dark Mode is no longer white text on white background.
  • Notarize for use on Catalina
  • Improved compatibility with RapidWeaver 8
  • Uses new centralized and automated build and notarize flow


OS X 10.11 or later
RapidWeaver 7 or newer


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