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Bitwig Studio 1.3.6

2016-03-26   Music

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Name Bitwig Studio v1.3.6
Size 205.4 MB
Created on 2016-03-25 11:20:44
Hash 4da82fc9a5000c2c8d7d94628c77967efb5efd31
Files Bitwig Studio v1.3.6/Bitwig Studio v1.3.6.dmg (179.6 MB)
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Descriptions for Description

Name: Bitwig Studio
Version: 1.3.6
Mac Platform: Intel
OS version: 10.7 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit
RAM minimum: 2GB

Includes: K

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Changes in Bitwig Studio 1.3.6
NEW Added Post Recording Actions to clip launcher which are activated after a specified duration has been recorded. This can be used to record clips of a predetermined fixed length as well as to record multiple takes automatically to multiple clips.
IMPROVED Added support for track and instrument name metadata to MIDI file import.
IMPROVED Much lower memory usage and better overall application performance on OSX.
FIXED Crash when changing drum machine preset for another preset using the popup browser and having previously selected a pad that does not have a chain in the preset selected.
FIXED Phase is inverted when recording audio from an external source using ASIO at 24-bit.
FIXED Muted clips are not visually distinguishable from unmuted clips in clip launcher.
FIXED Moving notes by a tiny amount using the inspector creates lots of duplicates.
FIXED Creating a clip in the clip launcher using different time signature than 4/4 still creates a clip with 4 quarters duration.
FIXED When importing MIDI files the clip length should be calculated from the content instead of from MIDI metadata.
FIXED When opening timeline context menu only update time selection when clicking outside of selected time range, otherwise delete command will not work correctly for automation.
FIXED Rare crash when deleting a track or moving it out of it's group.
FIXED On Linux the window shifts down by the size of the title bar each time the application is started.
FIXED Exporting MIDI file should ignore muted notes.
FIXED When saving a new clip the BPM is set to 110 and not the project's current tempo.
FIXED Zoom to fit leaves too much space in timeline editors.
FIXED Clip launcher note editor sometimes jumps to time before content start when stopping playback with playback follow enabled.
FIXED Dragging a track from one project to another that referered to a sample that was collected and saved on a different machine in the source project would not find the samples when dropped in the destination project.
FIXED Effect track is called audio track in context menu.
FIXED Moving multiple continuous clips with "automation follows clips" activated creates unneccessary automation dots at the boundries of the clips.
FIXED When clicking on header area of a drum note lane that does not contain notes, it should also reset the time selection to avoid accidental deletion with standby time selection.
FIXED Undo history breaks if you move an automation point and hit the right mouse key while doing so.
FIXED Instrument notes are not truncated at the clip boundry when consolidating.
FIXED Pasting text from the clipboard on OSX does not work.
FIXED Free running automation is not shown correctly in content preview section of launcher clips.
FIXED Importing corrupt midi files that have track names that contain the null character results in a project that cannot be opened once saved.
FIXED When there is a long list of items that needs to be scrolled in a menu it is not possible to select menu items using touch that are not visible.
FIXED Changing track color while detail editor being open does not repaint notes.
FIXED Macro section displays "Default Preset" after loading a saved VST preset via the popup browser into an existing VST plugin.
FIXED Projects with editors set to triplets don't show correct value in grid subdivision fields.
FIXED Some devices get clipped along the bottom edge when scaling is not 100%.
FIXED Notes in drum MIDI files that have zero length should be interpreted as 16th when importing into Bitwig Studio.
FIXED Playhead starts in wrong position and not from the blue play marker after bounce.
FIXED Controller API: Crash when creating named device cursors from onMidi callback.
FIXED Regression: pasting text does not work on OSX.
FIXED Not possible to move the loop start for a clip beyond bar 250 using inspector but dragging loop region allows this.
FIXED Controller API: crash when using device layer bank.
FIXED Crash if bouncing a track region in place and before the bounce has completed deleting the track.
FIXED OSX engine crash when scanning certain audio devices.
FIXED Sometimes engine crashes on OSX when connecting to document.

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