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Descriptions for BG Renderer MAX 1.0.5 for After Effects

The power to render compositions in the background at maximum speed! Say goodbye to slow Media Encoder.

Multiprocessing, lots of integrations, notifications and file type conversions – all in one super tool.

Meet the new BG Renderer MAX!

What’s it for?

gives you the power to render compositions in the background at maximum speed with After Effects’ rendering engine. See ya later Media Encoder!

Faster render

Control the processor load with an adjustable Multiprocessing feature, and set up your render workflow with multiple post-render options like push notifications and file type conversions.

Easier workflow

We love easy one-click workflows.

So we made a minimalistic render indicator. Yeah, just like in GifGun.

All new native notification system

Send render notifications as Slack messages and emails right from the BG Renderer MAX. No third-party accounts needed.

Tons of integrations

Zapier, Microsoft Flow, IFTTT, and Pushover integration mean more notifications options and better workflow enhancement.

This means, you can access the full power of Push notifications, SMS messages, writing render confirmations to Google Sheets, Trello cards, turning off your smart lightbulbs… Oh, the options!

Powerful message composer

Create custom render notifications with our built-in Message Composer.

Add tags easily with autocomplete and suggest features.

Convert sequence to animation

Flexible post-render file type conversions make life easier by automatically producing sequence and video files.

Custom render queue view

Enjoy easier render visual control with our custom Render Queue view.

Installing BG Renderer Max

Get ZXP Installer by aescripts, open it and drag BG Renderer Max.zxp into the interface.

Relaunch After Effects and go to Window -> Extensions -> BG Renderer Max

Good to know

After Effects’ rendering capacity is mostly limited by your machine’s RAM amount, not processor cores.

This is why we do not recommend setting the render streams count too high. For easy renders you may set it to the number of cores minus one, for heavier ones – don’t exceed half of your core count.

System Requirements
  • After Effects CC2018
  • macOS 10.13 and newer

Web Site:

What’s New in BG Renderer MAX 1.0.5

What’s new:
  • Added sequence removal and custom video output option in Sequence to video action
  • Better logging
  • App load speed improved by 30-40%
  • Added post render actions indicator
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed action removal issues
  • Fixed render queue freezes
  • Different compositions render to the same folder issues fixed
  • Running post render actions freeze when reopening the app fixed

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