Auction Bidding Sniper for eBay with sniping watchList v4.0.9

2014-10-30   Productivity

Auction Bidding Sniper for eBay with sniping watchList

Auction Bidding Sniper for eBay with sniping watchList v4.0.9

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Auction Bidding Sniper for eBay with sniping watchList v4.0.9

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Supplied: CORE Release-Date: 2014/09/10
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Protection: DRM OS: MacOSX
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DESCRiPTiON: * An eBay sniper is a tool to let you bid at the last moment of
an auction automatically, so no one can counter your bid by a
few cents, now you win the ones you really want, for the price
you want them
* Adjust bid time between 10 seconds and 2 seconds before end of
auction, Enter your Maximum price you would pay, and the snipe
automatically bids only what is needed to win, using only your
Maximum price if that is what is needed to win
* Play your cards close to your vest, and your eBay bids even
closer by doing your own eBay Auction sniping with absolute full
personal control, even alerts that let you know if your bid has
become too low all through the auction, not once a day, but
within 7 to 12 mins of it happening. NO other app or service can
do this. No one can come close to the many functions that this
App provides you, not even eBay. And because of it's dual modes
you can mix and match just what you need for each Auction, fee
free FOR LIFE. This app actually makes eBay useful again
* This App has two modes, You can either have the app
automatically snipe/(bid) for you at the last moment on an eBay
auction, or you can set custom alerts so that you can
snipe/(bid) in person at the last moment, or even combine the
two for exactly what you want in an eBay sniper, along with
getting alerts for free. And the alerts go to all your devices
when using both iCloud and this app's companion iPhone/iPad App
These alerts arrive to you rain or shine, even if you have no
internet connection
* Use 'Cluster' bidding, bid on several auctions of a related
item, and when one wins, all the other auctions are canceled
* With the iPhone companion app available in the App Store, you
can set an auction snipe on the road, and your mac app at home
will automatically register the new snipe or even changes to a
snipe and do the last minute bidding for you
* And best of all, there are no ongoing fees or charges for all
this functionality, EVER

Languages: DE, EN, ES: iNSTALL/REGiSTER NOTES: Unpack and enjoy

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