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Artlantis Studio

2015-09-22   Graphics & Design

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Name Artlantis Studio
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Created on 2015-09-14 13:46:09
Hash 38bf76cfd3a08f4c5fe1aa83b4cb02893a5d12d8
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Descriptions for Description

Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: KG

OS version: 10.8.5
Processor type(s) & speed: Intel 64-bit
RAM minimum: 8GB
Video RAM:

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What's new in Version

A new option in the General Preferences - "Hardware Acceleration". Checked allows a more fluide OpenGL, the memory of the graphic card becomes highly stressed. The whole geometry of the project is stored on the card. Uncheck the option lightens the memory of the card, resulting in a slower OpenGL display.
Glitter Effects animations fixed: during rendering of an animation the calculation of the lighting of the current image is smoothed over several frames upstream and downstream of it.


Crash while duplicating an animation
Duplication tool not working in 2D View
psd file format the background was not isolated on its own layer Overexposed in the final rendering
Panoramas inspector, Postcards didn't get oriented like the current camera were
Document changed state was false if clicking Render later without changing the rendering parameters in the render window of a modified document
Textures disappeared and re-appeared when moved on a surface
Scene parameters, the fast anchor point configuration of an anchor point didn't get displayed
The gallery didn't get displayed in the Welcome window
Apply gravity became useless on certain projects
Some difficulties to apply Shaders
Impossible to edit the name of a not yet calculated document
Log files distinction between Artlantis and the License Manager
Some issues when reading some panoramas on certain web browsers
The alpha channel manager generated too small images
Animation flicking.
Overlapped textures do not stayed grouped
Crash while opening files
Moving a plan object on the surface set this object underneath this surface

What's new in Version

Unable to select the material when the clipping box was active
Crash when displaying the Shaders inspector after deleting an object instance
Now an alert appears when the automatic backup folder is not found
Undo / Redo of the scene get deactivated when the scene information dialog had been opened
Applying a texture to an object with bevels canceled them
Background Image a double-clicks in the area do not always displayed the dialog
Image foreground was placed, the button edit alpha channel remained grayed out if the image names contained accented characters
The foreground image edited for the alpha channel changed size 256x256
Preview window: The level of transparency of shadows shader of the MatteShadow shader did not updated
Batch crash solved
Unable to drag and drop a shader on a geometry laid on the infinite ground
The power slider of the foreground did not work
List of objects, crash when using displaying by alphabetical order
Improvements on the Irradiance Map for camera animation only.
Insertion tool: Clicking on Reset to Default, then Cancel didn't cancel the Reset to Default Changing the Heliodon settings, the Preview window twinkled
Batch dialog: in multi selection, all the document names turned to "-"
Artlantis Batch rendering: spots could appear on the renderings
Crashes while calculating an animation
Constraining a 3D tree to a given date then Save / Open didn't work.
Mac: In the Foreground the Power cursor was deactivated
In renderings normal maps were ignored
The base of Billboards showed artifacts
The Clipping box was not for the Infinite ground
White balance had no effect in rendering
Help menu new item "show log files" facilitating the recovery of log files
Language, Polish version fixed
Interface, truncated texts fixed
Postcards dialog enlarged
Media Store icon restored
Media Converter many crash issues solved
Keyboard shortcuts deactivated when editing an alphanumeric field Media Converter crashed on Mac OS X 10.8.5
Catalog: converted HDRI vignettes badly displayed
Camera Architect activated, the laser vanished
IES now tuned up
2D View display correctly, close then reopen the file the 2D View didn't display the angle and the camera position
In Italian the translation of Ambient Occlusion was missing.
In the export dialog from ArchiCAD 17 and 18 to Artlantis 6 when using a reference file textures were ignored
Clipping box rotation was inoperative

More info:

Artlantis Studio is a unique and ideal tool for performing very high resolution rendering easily and in real time. The new FastRadiosity engine now lets you compute images in radiosity-even in preview. Another innovative feature of Artlantis is that 3D objects and vegetation can be used directly in the preview window by simply dragging and dropping them. This enables users to work on different scenarios quickly and to simulate true virtual scenes in a real environment.

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