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Artista Impresso Pro v1.5.1 Includes Serial


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Name Artista_Impresso_Pro_v1.5.1
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Name: Artista Impresso Pro
Version: Pro 1.5.1
Includes: Serial
Mac OS: 10.6 or later

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Lucky you, 21st century software wielding seer and lover of beauty—you have Impresso Pro. With the same enduring attention to detail, light, color, and texure, Impresso transforms your photos into multi-textured, stroke-filled Impressionist masterpieces. And keen eyes will love how Impresso maintains the balance of your piece! The result—captivating, print-worthy paintings brimming with passion, life, and beauty. 

Transform photos into paintings then combine paint effects with layers and brushes for gorgeous print-worthy artwork

For professionals who like creative control we give you Smart Layers and brushes for blending multiple paint styles, a library of Edges that blend beautifully with canvas, a Background Paint effect to create distances, a Soft Paint effect for enhancing foreground subjects, an Aged Paint effect for adding cracked texture, and an ultra-impressionism effect called Tache to cover paintings with broken brush strokes and dabs of color. Impresso Pro has everything an Artist or Photographer will need to create gallery-style paintings with enough detail even for the largest print.

Includes: Layers, Brushes, Soft Paint, Background Paint, Aged Paint, Painted Edges and three Impressionism Paint Effects: Alla Prima, En Plein Air and Tache paint styles.

A pro workflow automatically transforms a photo into a painting and places it on a paint layer along with a canvas. With a smart built-in layering system the photo can then be transformed again when a new paint layer is chosen and placed on the layer above. The layers are ‘smart' because the settings are retained per layer allowing changes to brush strokes, color finishes and other settings for infinite variation when blending. There are several ways to blend the layers, change the opacity slider to blend the strokes beneath, or to blend color use the brushes to brush-off the paint style or back-on if too much is removed. This powerful feature is great for creating lighter values in distant elements and colorful ones in the foreground. With layers you can also achieve another level of depth (or depth-of-field) by overlapping larger brush strokes with finer ones—all it takes is this simple technique to achieve a highly creative work.

Paint Styles and Effects
Alla Prima (‘wet-on-wet' or ‘all-at-once')—is great for portraits! This beautiful paint style starts by filling the painting with an abundance of brushstrokes. A library of artistic finishes compliments this style by adding light, color and movement. 

En Plein Air (in open air)—is perfect for landscapes. This stroke-filled effect consists of eight artists' palettes created by famous impressionists. Use them as they are or edit the paint colors to make your own palette—save preset feature keeps the palette and all the layers intact for future projects.

Tache (‘spot' or ‘blot')—applies broken brushstrokes throughout the painting. This technique of laying thick patches, flecks and dabs of color is great for making paint look as if it stands out from the surface. Apply a light spackling of strokes or fill the painting with dabs of color.

NEW—Soft Paint Effect—creates a hard edge when brushed to show contrast from other edges around it—great for foreground objects

NEW—Background Paint Effect—recedes objects and scenery when brushed for a natural distant and out-of-focus effect

NEW—Aged Paint Effect—cracks paint in a linear or angled fashion with control over crack color, strength, size, angle, spacing and sensitivity

NEW—Painted Edges—creates a painted vignette 

Canvas Layer—supplies the canvas texture and adds a painted edge. Here you set texture to canvas or linen, adjust canvas color or change painted edges.

Utiliza capas para combinar estilos de pintura y de profundidad y logra impresionantes trazos...

Para los profesionales a los que les gusta el control creativo les damos Capas para mezclar varios estilos de pintura y pinceles para pintar dentro y fuera de los trazos. También hemos incluido un efecto ultra-impresionismo llamado Tache para cubrir la pintura con pinceladas rotas o toques de color que, literalmente, se destacan, aplicarlos escasamente o cubrir toda la pintura, la elección es suya.

El pincel en mano, siglo 19 artistas impresionistas estaban locos por las flores y los jardines, y fue bueno. Con fluye pinceladas y textura gruesa pintada, Van Gogh hizo su Girasoles inmortal con el movimiento armónico de color, contraste, y la forma. Monet hizo su Lilly del agua de la charca en una celebridad. Tomó su genio y una vida de práctica navegación por el alboroto de sus sentidos, pero estos extraordinarios artistas tomó lo que vieron y se sintió en los pétalos y las hojas y trasladado sus impresiones sobre lienzos llenos de belleza, humor y significado.

Impresso le da la misma atención permanente a los detalles, la luz, el color y la textura mediante la transformación de sus fotos en obras maestras impresionistas, multi-textura de trazo lleno. Ojos Keen les encantará cómo Impresso mantiene el equilibrio de la pieza! Los resultados son cautivadoras pinturas llenas de pasión, la vida y la belleza.