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Version: 4.9.1
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: KG

OS version: 10.7
Processor type(s) & speed: Intel, 64-bit
RAM minimum: n/a
Video RAM: n/a

Keyfilegen and patch courtesy of C.O.R.E.

From nfo:
The patcher component has been updated to fix a problem with the Agent not reading the license information correctly.

New Features

Added "archiving" feature: Select a folder and click "Detach"; Arq will skip that folder during backup, but its backup records will remain at the destination.

Fixed Bugs

Fixed an issue when attempting to read contents of a non-existent Dropbox directory that caused Arq to behave like you were typing in the wrong encryption password when restoring.
If Dropbox returns a 429 (rate-limiting) error during backup, sleep and try again. (The main UI will show the error instead of retrying, so that it doesn't seem to hang forever.)
Migrate Arq data in Dropbox from 2-directory structure to single directory structure because if the object-list cache file goes missing, it takes way too long to read the contents of potentially 65,536 directories.

Arq is super-easy online backup for the Mac. Back up to your own Google Drive storage (15GB free storage), your own Amazon Glacier ($.01/GB per month storage) or S3, or any SFTP server. Arq backs up and faithfully restores all the special metadata of Mac files that other products don't, including resource forks, ACLs, and creator codes.
Arq works like Time Machine, except you don't have to remember to plug in your external hard drive. Following the initial backup, Arq automatically makes incremental backups every hour, every day, uploading just the files that have changed since your last backup. Arq keeps hourly backups for the past 24 hours, daily backups for the past month, and weekly backups for everything older than a month.

Arq lets you set a budget for storage, and it automatically drops the oldest backups to keep within the budget.

Arq backs up everything with no limits. It backs up files of any size, external drives, and network drives.

Arq compresses and "de-duplicates" your backups, never storing the same file twice in the cloud. Arq encrypts all your backups with a password that never leaves your computer, so no one can read your cloud backups.

You can back up to multiple "targets". Back up some files to Glacier, some to S3, some to an SFTP server, etc. You can also back up to Amazon, GreenQloud, DreamObjects, Google Cloud Storage, or any other S3-compatible service.

Take control of your Mac's backups with Arq!

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