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Araxis Merge Pro 2018.4971

2018-02-13   Utilities

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Descriptions for Descriptions for Araxis Merge Pro 2018.4971

Name: Araxis Merge
Version: 2018.4971
Released: Feb 13th, 2018
Developer: Araxis Ltd
Mac Platform: Intel
OS Version: OS X 10.11 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor

Includes: Pre-K’ed (TNT)

Web Site:


A powerful application designed for tow-way file comparison and merging and which provides support for images, binary files and syntax highlighting

Araxis Merge is a powerful and flexible macOS application that provides the required tools to compare and synchronize two or three folders, text and office files, as well as image and binary files.

Folder, text and document comparison

Thanks to Araxis Merge, you easily compare and interactively synchronize folder trees, find, edit or delete changes between source, XML, HTML or other text file revisions. What is more, you can gain direct repository access and compare different versions of the same file.

Support for MS Office and OpenDocument files

From Araxis Merge’s main window you can easily open and compare text from Microsoft Word and Excel, OpenDocument, PDF and RTF files. On top of that, you can copy text from other applications and perform simple text comparisons.

The color coded side-by-side comparison system helps you pinpoint differences and similarities with ease. In addition, the linking lines between the documents make it even easier to view how the files are related.

User-definable merging process

Just by using your mouse you can select the parts of each file that you want to be added to the final merged version of the files. With the help of the in-place editor and undo capabilities offer your total control over the merged files while the Merge functions highlight the changes within lines.

Image and binary comparison

Moreover, you can use Araxis Merge to compare numerous image file formats and detect the pixels that have been modified. At the same time, the binary comparison helps you identify differences in data files at a byte level.

The Professional version of Araxis Merge add the advanced three-way visual file comparison and merging to the existing two-way visual file comparison. Furthermore, the Automatic Merging feature is capable to quickly even up the differences between files.

Report generator

At the end of the comparison process you can easily generate and save comparison reports in HTML, XML, UNIX diff or HTML slideshow format.

What’s new in Araxis Merge 2018.4971

February 13th, 2018

  • A single installation disk-image download covers all supported versions of macOS and OS X. Previously, each version of the operating system required its own separate Merge download. I15074
  • Merge is now able to compare corresponding numeric values within text files and, if desired, treat them as identical if they are within a certain tolerance of one another. One potential use for this is when comparing the output of numerical control (NC) code files from CNC machine tools. I15031
  • It is once again possible to create, edit, and delete text comparison Expressions via AppleScript. (This capability was temporarily removed following the enhancement to allow an unlimited number of expressions to be defined.) A sample script, Sample Scripts/17 Set up a regular expression preference.scpt, is provided in the Merge installation disk-image. I14932
  • The SCM-tool paths on the SCM preferences page have been given sensible default values. I15167I15168
  • A count of unchanged files has been added to the status bar of folder comparisons. I14941
  • In folder comparisons, the Previous Conflict and Next Conflict toolbar buttons and equivalent menu items are now disabled or enabled as appropriate. I14970
  • Support for three additional UTF-32 character encodings has been added (UTF-32 little endian with a byte-order mark, and UTF-32 big endian with and without a byte-order mark). This in addition to the existing support for UTF-32 little endian without a byte-order mark. I15163
  • Scroll positions are now preserved when swapping panes in a text comparison. I14998
  • The Merge major version has been updated to 2018, to reflect the year of release. I15131
Defects fixed:
  • Image comparisons no longer fail to show images when multiple image comparisons are launched from a folder comparison, or after the transparency-grid colours have been changed. I15143
  • Following a Reformat XML/XHTML or Unformat XML/XHTML action, the cursor and scroll positions are moved to the top of the text panels. I14997
  • The text cursor is now positioned sensibly in an open text comparison pane following a change in the state of the toobar Preferences ▸Show Unchanged Lines Only For Context menu item, or of the equivalent Show only # lines of context around changes item on the Display preference page. I14999I15155
  • When the Use filter programs for files in folder comparisons option on the Scan preference page is checked, files of the XML/XHTML type will no longer incorrectly have XML reformatting applied to them prior to comparison in a folder comparison. This change matches the behaviour of Merge for Windows. I14991
  • In binary comparisons, the value of the Search size field now persists. I14848
  • The How to Uninstall documentation has been corrected and updated for current versions of Merge and macOS. I15072
  • The red-dot newer-file adornment is no longer shown for folders in folder comparisons. This change matches Merge for Windows, and avoids potential confusion as to whether the adornment indicates a timestamp difference between the folders themselves, or a change in their contents. I15100
  • The transparency-grid colour of open image comparisons is no longer incorrectly affected in certain circumstances by a change to the colour of a syntax-highlighting element. I15142
  • Merge once again offers to send diagnostic crash reports to Araxis. I15153
  • The date in the copyright notice in the footer of Japanese HTML reports has been updated. The hyphen in the copyright date range has also been replaced with an en-dash. I15071



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