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NameAllegorithmic Substance Painter
Size1.05 GB
Created on2016-08-20 10:27:40
FilesAllegorithmic Substance Painter v2.1.1.1251/ (1.02 GB)
Allegorithmic Substance Painter v2.1.1.1251/ (34.81 MB)
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Name: Allegorithmic Substance Painter
Mac Platform: Intel
OS version: 10.10 or above
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor
RAM minimum: 8 GB
Video RAM: 2 GB

Includes: K

Web Site:

Substance Painter is the reference 3D Painting app with never before seen features and workflow improvements to make the creation of textures for 3D assets easier than ever. It is acknowledged as the most innovative and user-friendly Texture Painter out there.

Some features:
• Choose your brush, select a material, tweak it if needed and then start painting! Each stroke applies all channels at once in real time with each map going up to 4K resolution, making it the most interactive 3D Painter out there.
• Create beauty shots of your assets using one of the best optical effects technology out there (Yebis 2 by Silicon Studio) adding antialiasing, color correction, DOF, glare, bloom and much more.

What's New in Substance Painter
Added :
- [License] Be able to change the license file location
- [Viewport] Add a "B" shortcut to cycle between additional maps
- [Import] Allow to import FBX 2016/2017 properly
- [Tool] Remove checkers when using the quick mask
- [Iray] Add scene dimensions information
- [Iray] Allow to increase maximum number of samples and render time
- [UI] Update result immediately when using +/- button on sliders
- [UI] Allow greater precision for Grayscale sliders
- [Export] Don't export an alpha channel for textures being RGB only
- [Export] Update Dota 2 export preset

Fixed :
- [Export] Impossible to export PSD files in 8bits
- [Export] 8K export is not available on some hardware configurations
- [Export] Sketchfab window is cropped
- [Export] Incorrect roughness map in Spec/Gloss export preset
- [UI] Typing in grayscale sliders doesn't work anymore
- [UI] Impossible to put filters into substance inputs (like Generators)
- [UI] Some sliders have odd behaviors
- [UI] DeltaTime +/- step for particles is too big
- [Iray] Some projects block the application when switching to Iray
- [Iray] Crash when detecting hardware
- [Tool] Brush preview color is incorrect in Mask mode
- [Tool] Material picker can be used with incompatible tools
- [Tool] Projection preview don't switch to Diffuse with Spec/Gloss workflow
- [Shelf] Changing default shader breaks smart mats/smart masks previews
- [Shelf] Some smart materials have incorrect names
- [Shelf] Additional alpha shapes are corrupted and won't load
- [Viewport] Switching to "Additional map" mode display "other" first
- [Viewport] Viewport switch back to "other" when an additional map doesn't exist
- [Crash][Linux] Crash report doesn't work on Ubuntu (Steam)
- [Crash][Linux] Web URL links don't work on Ubuntu (Steam)
- [Crash][Windows] Remove "crashwatcher" when Substance painter doesn't run anymore
- [Crash][Mac] Crash report system doesn't work properly
- [Crash] Importing a mesh while already importing a mesh lead to a crash
- Texture set picking shortcut reset to nothing after a relaunch

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