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Window Tidy
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Name: Window Tidy
Version: 2.01
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: Pre-K'ed

OS version: 10.5 or higher
64 bit

Whats new:

- Fixes for resizing issues experienced by some users

Pre-K'ed courtesy of C.O.R.E

How many times have you had to keep switching between documents when you wished you could just see them all at the same time? For example, composing an email whilst referencing information on a spreadsheet and a PDF? The process of dragging and resizing these windows manually is very fiddly and time consuming. And then when you're done, you've got to move them all back! Step in Window Tidy.

Window Tidy lets you quickly and easily arrange your application windows on your Desktop onto a customisable grid using nothing but drag and drop! When you want to reposition a window, there are no hot-keys to remember or menus to click, you simply drag and drop the window onto customisable pop-up Layout Icon and it will instantly snap to that layout. It also works seamlessly over multiple monitors too!

You can create any number of layouts, each with it's own grid size, so in just a few seconds you can take control of your Desktop and get working more efficiently.

Main Features

● Intuitive interface seamlessly integrates with OS X
● Layouts can be added, removed and customised
● Specify the look and position of the pop-up Layout Icons
● Configure the Option Key ⌥ to either show / hide the Layout Icons whilst dragging
● Independent grid size for each layout
● Elegant multiple monitor support
● Menu option to move the active window to the current screen
● Quick Layout option for applying a new layout without adding it to the list

More info:

 - Utilities

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