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Descriptions for TinkerTool System 5.1

Name: TinkerTool System
Version: 5.1
Released: October 18th, 2016
Developer: Marcel Bresink
Mac Platform: Intel
OS Version: OS X 10.12 or later

Web Site: http://www.bresink.com/osx/TinkerToolSys5.html


System utilities toolkit for effortlessly performing advanced administration tasks in order to keep an Apple Macintosh computer in tip-top shape

Most Mac OS X versions come with a collection of features that cannot be managed via the system graphical user interface, but can be easily enabled or disabled by using Terminal commands. TinkerTool System is a very easy to use Mac app that offers you the possibility to access these functionalities through an user friendly graphical interface.

Quick to install system maintenance solution for your Mac computer

To make sure the TinkerTool System capabilities are used in a responsible manner, when you first launch the application, you must provide the system administrator passkey: this way, the app ensures that the current user is qualified to make changes that can seriously affect the computer’s performance.

The application’s user interface resembles the System Preferences window, so finding your way around is quite easy: select the type of tools you want to access and the app will open a new panel organizing all the available tools into several tabs.

Perform system maintenance tasks, manage files, and adjust system or user settings

You can employ the TinkerTool System app to trigger periodic system maintenance tasks, to repair file permissions, to optimize your system, to clean up your disk by removing hidden files, log archives, orphaned files, and so on.

On top of the features that come integrated with the OS X, TinkerTool System also includes a collection of powerful tools designed to resolve, fix, troubleshoot, or repair system “bugs”, damaged accounts, and so on.

User friendly software solution that provides access to hidden Mac OS X functionalities and to other maintenance tools

TinkerTool System is great to have around if you want to access certain Mac OS X functionalities without having to use the command line: the app allows you to launch maintenance tasks via an intuitive user interface (most tools have self explanatory names).

Furthermore, TinkerTool System also includes emergency and diagnostics capabilities that can handle troubleshooting and repair operations in the same manner.


• Launch the periodic maintenance scripts with a mouse click
• System files permissions reset
• Cache cleaner for the most popular web browsers
• Cache cleaner for the entire system or for individual users
• Makes it simple to create symbolic links
• Startup chime disabler
• Rebuilds the Launch Services database
• Recent Items cleaner
• User account information overview

What’s New TinkerTool System 5.1

October 18th, 2016
・Re-added Internet links to the official macOS support pages, because Apple has begun to publish updated documentation on Sierra.
・Added a workaround for a design issue of macOS, relevant when users are switching back and forth between enabling and disabling System Integrity Protection while using the smart cache deactivation features of the application.
・Added conventional cache cleaning as last-resort alternative for the user’s personal high-speed caches and the core operating system caches, which is otherwise prevented or limited by System Integrity Protection.
・Added several new features for the user interface to search for orphaned file system objects, because some users did not understand the actual meaning of this feature.
・The handling of custom permissions, access control lists and extended attributes when deactivating and restoring caches was enhanced.
・The display of very long paths for file system objects was optimized.
・The outdated drawer display for the context help feature has been replaced by a modern panel.
・The function to add a banner message to the login screen has been removed because it has become a visible standard feature of macOS.


TinkerTool System 5.1
TinkerTool System 5.1

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