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Descriptions for Zeitanker Annotation Edit

Name: Annotation Edit for Mac
Release Date: 01 Nov 2017
Mac Platform: Intel
OS version:OS X 10.7 or later

Includes: K

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Offers support for quickly and easily adding subtitles and annotations to your video content by creating and assigning time based metadata

Making subtitle documents that are perfectly synced with a video file requires specific tools for assigning the correct time code for each line. Annotation Edit is a powerful macOS application designed to help you in this respect.

Efficient subtitle line locator algorithm and basic video player capabilities

To help you identify the correct location for each line, Annotation Edit allows you to watch the movie you want to process, together with the audio waveform. This way you can easily identify the correct time code for each subtitle line.

Annotation Edit interacts with the user via two main windows: one for previewing the video and adding annotations if necessary, and one for processing the subtitle file.

The Annotation Edit video player includes classic capabilities, such as play / pause / fast forward / fast rewind, which allow you to visualize the content before adding annotations. In addition, the window also comes packed with annotation and spotting tools.

Create multiple subtitle tracks and effortlessly embed metadata details

In the Annotation Edit Subtitle editor window, you can choose to add more than one annotation tracks to the same file. This way you can embed subtitles for multiple languages.

The best part is that Annotation Edit can import SCC, FCP XML, STL and other transcript file types. You will be able to visualize the data and then assign the correct time codes, without manually inputing the text. Naturally, this reduces greatly the processing time.

The same area allows you to include metadata into your document: open the Info panel and add details about the original title, language, project, client, release date, author, track name and description, contact information about the translator, comments, and more.

Complex solution for creating video subtitles

Annotation Edit proposes efficient tools for making and editing subtitle files that match the video content perfectly. Moreover, the app allows you to create captions for multiple languages, enables you to embed extensive metadata details about the authors and much more.

What’s New in Annotation Edit

  • Less rigid SCC export. Added default to wrap lines to 32 characters
  • Added optional in-row partial italics row length warning.

  • Revised import of SCC with italics
  • W3C Timed Text export
    • Added Red Bull Media Timed Text
    • Added not quite standard Adobe Premiere CC TTML open captions export (italics, vertical position, color, background color, left justified only due to Adobe Premiere constraints)
    • Use it if you need partial italics in a row; Adobe Premiere Pro CC .SRT import does not not support partial italics in a row
    • Revised SMPTE-TT 708 export
    • Some minor polishes
    • Only SMPTE-TT 608 closed captions work reliably in Adobe Premiere Pro CC
    • Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017/2018 SMPTE-TT 708 (and also CEA 708 .mcc) file import is broken
  • Revised .MCC import
  • Please note:Premiere Pro CC 2018 fixed FCP .xml unicode support
  • FCP Outline Text .xml in Premiere Pro CC 2017/2018.0 supports only center justification reliably.

  • Added new demo of zeitAnker Teletext
  • Polishes



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