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Name: Sknote Disto
Version: V2

Web Site:

Disto – Distortion, compression, warmth, transformers. With Mid/Side. Disto is an emulation of two different devices in one. It is designed by merging their features to get a single processing system.

It was designed taking inspiration from our rack of devices here: one pair of Distressors and one stereo FATSO Jr. by Empirical Labs.

A Mid/Side encoding/decoding matrix is added to the rack, which, thanks to independent controls, gives full access to Mid and Side processing.

The character of the rack is widely expanded, by offering a “Standard/Out of Order” selection. Standard mode has the character and headroom of the original modelled devices. Out of Order mode has a lot stronger effects for stronger processing.

Main features:
 ● Several compression modes.
 ● Knee compression.
 ● Several saturation modes.
 ● Warmth control. A special dynamic filter attenuates brightness for a “tape” style warming effect.
 ● Hottitude control. Set headroom and saturation independently from dynamic control.
 ● Output transformer option. A special saturation on low frequency range.
 ● Mid/Side matrix, with independent controls for Mid and Side.
 ● Original/Out of Order modes.

New v.2 available now!
 ● Sample aligned Dry-Mix control.
 ● New “Clean!” mode. A whole new model for faithful compression, from light to squashed.
 ● New Gain Reduction meters mapping. Zooming into first 10 dB.
 ● New Auto-Gain option! Engage it to make output gain controls match the original audio level.



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