Q Up Arts Voices of Native America 2 (Apple Logic EXS)


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Name: Q Up Arts Voices of Native America
Version: Vol 2

Web Site: http://www.quparts.com/Native-American-samples-and-loops-p/vona2kntct.htm

Superb audio quality, recorded in stereo using John Hardy mic pres and AT mics. The detail is amazing.
Created in Kontakt 5.
Voices of Native America Volume 2

Instrument listing

Flute Motifs and phrases

 ● Redwood Buffalo Flute
 ● Redwood Eagle Flute
 ● Small Native American Flute
 ● Steward Flute
 ● Gun barrel Flute
 ● Native American Echo Flute
 ● Native American Low Echo Flute 1
 ● Native American Low Echo Flute 2
 ● Native American Low Flute

Play combinations - single hit playable combinations of single hits.
 ● Native American Producer 1
 ● Native American Producer 2
 ● Native American Producer 3
 ● Native American Producer 4

Loop Combinations - features an assortment of time locked loops and phrases.
 ● Native CrowHop Weemmaratega 83bpm
 ● Native Little One Teetich 83BPM
 ● Native Nightfall Tabbeywik 93BPM
 ● Native Nightsong Hobeea 68BPM
 ● Native SneakUp Gittantmeah 68BPM
 ● Native Stars Tachenump 93BPM
 ● Native War Cry Cavavinto 108BPM
 ● Native Warrior Tohoqashaw 68BPM

Voices of Native America V2



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