Pluginguru Kid Anthem V2: Omni/Log for Omnisphere 2


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Name: Pluginguru Kid Anthem V2: Omni/Log
Requirements: Spectrasonics Omnisphere v2.1 or later

Web Site:

Kid Anthem is back with a new batch of inspiring patches for Omnisphere 2.1+ or later! 309 patches of inspiring patches – many of which are dedicated to early synthesis pioneers (Tangerine Dream, Pink Floyd, Alan Parsons, Tomita to name a few) along with incredible bell, bass, piano, string, voice, natural and synth SFX and awesome sound design inspired textures!  No matter what genre you work in, there are sounds in this library that will SPEAK to you and invite you to go on a sonic journey.  Who knows where you will end up but you’ll be happy you went along for the ride…

GENRES:  There is a serious head knod to some of the biggest synthesizer acts including Tangerine Dream, Pink Floyd and others. The 20 “TD” patches include comments about which track these patches were inspired by. Kid Anthem also recorded 26 new Sound Sources including stereo field recordings. EDM, Dance, Film, Pop, Experimental – in this mammoth 309 patch library, there is a LOT of useful presets for all!

About the Programmer: Allen “Kid Anthem” Polley lives in Mississippi. This is his 2nd patch library I have released. Making synthesizer patches is Allen’s after work therapy. He has a grueling physical job cleaning tour busses during the day and when he has time off, few things make him happier than making synthesizer patches. There is something really special with his work. I am certain you will agree.

Modulation Wheel – EVERY PATCH has all sorts of lovely surprises that will happen when you use the Modulation wheel.

- 309 Patches
- 26 NEW SoundSources
- 26 Bass & Sub Bass
- 14 BPM/Motion Basses
- 49 BPM/Motion Synth/Drum/String/Wind/Bell
- 11 Bells
- 8 Drum Patches
- 12 Guitars
- 8 Phrases
- 13 Vox Patches (chordal and single note)
- 16 Totally unique and beautifully playable Keyboards
- 29 String and Pad Patches
- 21 Mostly Analog flavored Synth Leads
- 10 Pluck Synths
- 24 Polyphonic Synths
- 26 Mind-Blowing tonal Texture Patches
- 42 Awesomely SICK FX and SFX Patches

Audio demos

This is Kid Anthem II: Omni/Log with Interview!

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