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Created on2015-05-05 12:42:30
FilesFF Mark/MarkBlack-Italic.otf (52.18 kB)
FF Mark/MarkBlack.otf (52.98 kB)
FF Mark/MarkBold-Italic.otf (55.87 kB)
FF Mark/MarkBold.otf (53.93 kB)
FF Mark/MarkBook-Italic.otf (50.21 kB)
FF Mark/MarkBook.otf (49.00 kB)
FF Mark/MarkExtralight-Italic.otf (47.47 kB)
FF Mark/MarkExtralight.otf (46.11 kB)
FF Mark/MarkHairline-Italic.otf (44.36 kB)
FF Mark/MarkHairline.otf (44.70 kB)
FF Mark/MarkHeavy-Italic.otf (55.84 kB)
FF Mark/MarkHeavy.otf (53.89 kB)
FF Mark/MarkLight-Italic.otf (49.99 kB)
FF Mark/MarkLight.otf (48.62 kB)
FF Mark/MarkMedium-Italic.otf (46.78 kB)
FF Mark/MarkMedium.otf (44.94 kB)
FF Mark/MarkRegular.otf (48.99 kB)
FF Mark/MarkRegularItalic.otf (50.20 kB)
FF Mark/MarkSmallCaps-Black.otf (8.74 kB)
FF Mark/MarkSmallCaps-Regular.otf (8.32 kB)
FF Mark/MarkThin-Italic.otf (48.12 kB)
FF Mark/MarkThin.otf (46.27 kB)


New meets old meets technic, FF Mark is not an average geometric sans.

Designed with versatility in mind, it breaks tradition with its family of 11 weights ranging from Hairline to Black, with the extreme weights “engineered” to shine bright in large sizes and middle weights optimized for body copy.

Born from the idea to create an up-to-date typeface rooted in 1920s German geometry, FF Mark is a special project, as it is a self-initiated collaboration between Hannes von Döhren, FontFont’s very own Christoph Koeberlin, and the entire FontFont Type Department. With the creative support/input of no less than Erik Spiekermann, they designed a distinctive typeface: FF Mark is strong, simple and bold in form and at a glance may appear to be typical of its predecessors from the time. On closer inspection, letter shapes are wider, letter proportions are better balanced and the x-height is uncharacteristically “normal” or higher, which increases its versatility tremendously.

At all stages of the design process, FF Mark benefitted from the Type Department’s technical expertise. With carefully crafted diacritics, extensive kerning, consistent stroke endings and a sizeable contemporary character set (including different figure sets, ordinals, small caps, extended Latin language support, arrows, symbols, currency symbols, alternates), FF Mark has been developed with the intention to be expressed across a wide range of applications. Noteworthy letter “mark” mentions also go out to K, R and Q for their slightly quirkily constructed forms and German rooted idiosyncrasies.

A new classicist approach with a nod to Teutonic heritage, it maintains the integrity of tradition by drawing on the charm, elegance and even at times clumsy historic nuances of the old geometry but in a contemporary context. Created with utmost consideration and precision (aka German Engineering), it is indeed “ze Germanetric sans”.


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