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Antidote 9.4.1


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Name Antidote 9.4.1
Size 2.18 GB
Created on 2017-03-31 02:57:52
Hash fda53a08f8422e64a58b345a917e6467a24b0d17
Files Antidote 9 v4.1.dmg (2.18 GB)


Name: Antidote 9
Version: 9.4.1
Mac Platform: Intel
OS version: OS X 10.9 or later
RAM minimum: 1GB
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor

Includes: Pre-K'ed
Thanks to Osajoseph

Web Site:

1- Open the file "Antidote 9 v4.1.dmg"
2- Install the application by executing the file "Install Antidote 9 v4.1"
3- Open the application Antidote 9
P.S.: For those who have a problem opening Antidote 9 v4.1.
Uninstall Antidote with AppCleaner, restart and reinstall.

Antidote is a complete set of software reference tools for writing French. Tools include an advanced grammar checker which corrects the whole text at once, an important collection of twelve dictionaries, and an interactive compendium of grammar rules. Seamlessly integrated with major word processors and email programs, Antidote's tools are available instantaneously right from your text.

Antidote réunit en un tout cohérent un correcteur de nouvelle génération, des dictionnaires riches et complets et des guides linguistiques. Ces multiples ouvrages ne sont pas simplement plaqués ensemble : ils interagissent intelligemment pour aider à explorer tous les aspects d'une question linguistique. Individuellement, chacun de ces ouvrages rivalise avec les meilleurs de sa catégorie. Ensemble, ils n'ont pas d'égal.

Antidote est de plus accessible directement de votre texte par un simple clic sur un bouton ou dans un menu. Pas de conversion de fichier, pas de cédérom à charger, pas de perte de temps : vous écrivez, un doute vous assaille, vous cliquez, Antidote vous éclaire. Antidote, c'est la façon moderne, rapide et pratique d'écrire un français sans faute et avec les mots justes.

Antidote 9 v4.1 features the following improvements on Antidote 9 v4 :

•  Integration with Firefox 50
•  Integration with Google Chrome 54
•  Integration with llustrator CC 2017 (21.0)
•  Integration with InCopy CC 2017 (12.0)
•  Integration with InDesign CC 2017 (12.0)
•  Integration with LibreOffice 5.2
•  Integration with Postbox 5.0


•  Services Menu in Sierra – No more need to copy and paste corrected text in certain contexts​
•  Postbox – Quick Reply mode supported
•  Thunderbird
         - “Error 6030” eliminated in several contexts
         - “The corrector did not receive any text” message eliminated in several contexts


•  Improved stability
•  Various minor fixes

    CUMULATIVE IMPROVEMENTS TO INTEGRATIONS (from previous connector updates)

•  Compatibility with Sierra (macOS 10.12.0 and 10.12.1)
         - Integration with Mail 10.0 and 10.1
         - Integration with MS Outlook 2016
         - Integration with Safari 10.0
         - Integration with TextEdit 1.12
         - Integration with Keynote 7.0
         - Integration with Pages 6.0
•  Integration with Safari 10.0 (macOS 10.10 and 10.11)
•  InDesign – Improved handling of grouped zones
•  MS Outlook 2011 – “Error 6010” message eliminated
•  MS Outlook 2016 – Improved handling of hyperlinks
•  Safari – “Error 6004” message eliminated in various contexts
•  Thunderbird – Improved stability when communicating with Antidote

Antidote 9 v4 features the following improvements on Antidote 9 v3 :


•  Refined language detection
         - Detection of different languages within the same sentence
               (with quotation marks or parentheses)
         - Correction of quotation marks according to the typographic conventions of the surrounding text’s language
         - Improved recognition of words from personal dictionaries
•  New control allowing corrections to be disabled in one language
•  The option to display percentages in the Style view

•  New setting to turn off verification in one language
•  Improved recognition of personal dictionaries

•  Improved stability
•  Various minor fixes


•  More accurate correction
•  Detection of discontinuity (missing or superfluous words, etc.)
•  New setting for flagging unknown alphanumeric sequences (e.g. LOG-5)
•  New setting for flagging abbreviated decades (e.g. ’90s)

•  Updates to all dictionaries
•  7000 new words (102,000 in total) (e.g. bibimbap, botnet, crowdsourcing)
•  15,000 new synonyms
•  New etymological notes, now more than 200 in total
•  New “Location” field for more accurate definitions of place names
•  New links to the guides from the definitions

•  Updated
•  6 new articles
•  New “Language Matters” guide explaining some complex subjects


•  More accurate correction
•  Links to definitions from the corrector’s tooltips
•  New settings for ‹ single French quotation marks ›​
•  New setting for spacing around dashes

•  Updates to all dictionaries
•  600 new words (bibimbap, juricomptable, supraluminique)
•  1400 additions to the “Difficulté” section
•  New “Location” field for more accurate definitions of place names

•  Updated
•  4 new articles


•  Preliminary adaptations for macOS 10.12 Sierra
•  Preliminary adaptations for Mail 10
•  Preliminary adaptations for Safari 10


•  Dock Menu, Services Menu – Fewer “did not receive text” messages in long documents
•  MS Outlook – Improved stability

    CUMULATIVE INTEGRATION IMPROVEMENTS (from previous connector updates)

•  Integration with MS Outlook 2016 versions 15.22 à 15.25
•  Integration with QuarkXPress 2016
•  Integration with TextEdit (OS X 10.11)

•  Firefox, Google Chrome
         - Improved handling of HTML lists
         - Fewer communication error messages
         - Clearer presentation of error messages
•  Google Documents
         - Better integration
         - “The corrector did not receive any text” message eliminated in various contexts
•  InDesign sur OS X 10.11 – Antidote and InDesign windows always on top
•  LibreOffice
         - Accelerated synchronization with long documents
         - Improved correction of footnotes
         - Faster integration when there are several text boxes
•  Mail – Anti-Oops! intervention now in automatically generated emails
•  Mail 9 – “The corrector did not receive any text” message eliminated in various contexts
•  MS Outlook – Corrections to email subject lines now applied to sent message
•  MS Outlook 2016
         - OS X 10.10 – Integration prompt appears again via Connectix in instances of incomplete integration
         - Removal of certain character shifts during raw text editing
         - Removal of character shift messages when there are non-breaking spaces
         - Filtering of text taken from emails in HTML format
         - Better handling of replacement
         - Messages consistent with Antidote’s display language
         - Integration with version 15.22
•  Nisus Writer – System spellchecker no longer disabled
•  Thunderbird
         - Intégration entièrement refondue
         - Removal of erroneous “email modified” messages in long emails
         - Removal of overdetection of spaces in saved draft emails
         - Possibility to include signatures
         - Improved stability

Release Note :

-Editor, Productivity