Allegorithmic Substance Designer 2019.1.0 (2273)

2019-05-13   Graphics & Design

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Descriptions for Allegorithmic Substance Designer 2019.1.0 (2273)

Substance Designer is a node-based texture compositing tool that allows you to create Substance files or bitmap textures. You can use it to texture assets and also bake model information (ex: normal, displacement, curvature etc.). It contains a wide library of tools, materials and procedural effects to help you achieve your goals in a fully non-destructive workflow.

Node-based texturing. Allowing non-linear workflow and quick iterations.

Substance Designer 5 is a node based texturing tool. Tired of messy layers ? Fit everything you need in a few compact and handy nodes. Let Substance connect all the channels for you and focus on what really matters: your art.

The industry standard for PBR texturing

Substance Designer is a powerful node-based texturing tool tailor-made for Physically Based Rendering and extensively used by more than 50 AAA game projects.

PBR Viewport

The 3D View allows to visualize on your mesh all your texturing work in real time.

Compatible with any game engine.

Substance Designer lets you to create your own templates, making it compatible with any game engine on the market, or your in-house engine.

The New Generation of Procedural Art

Substance Designer 5 is powered by Substance Engine 2, the new iteration of the renown procedural technology developed by Allegorithmic. It unleashes an incredible power of expression and fosters a new form of digital creativity.

Integrated bakers

Our embedded bakers allow you to bake your maps at light-speed directly within your software.

Production ready.

Substance Designer has been thought to integrate easily in your work environment.

Compatibility: OS X 10.11 or later

Web Site:

What’s New in Allegorithmic Substance Designer 2019.1.0 (2273)

  • [API] Add ‘updatePackages’ parameter to the SDPackageMGR.loadUserPackage() method to control if the updaters should be applied or not on load
  • [API] Add the ability to disconnect a SDConnection
  • [API] Add class SDSBSARExporter to publish a SDPackage
  • [API] Add SDHistoryUtils class to manage undoable commands
  • [API] Add grayscale input node definition in Substance Compositing Graph (sbs::compositing::input_grayscale)
  • [API] Add value input node definition in Substance Compositing Graph (sbs::compositing::input_value)
  • [API] Add SDProperty.isFunctionOnly() method
  • [API] Add support of custom input parameter on SDSBSCompNode
  • [API] Add ‘reloadIfModified’ parameter to the SDPackageMGR.loadUserPackage() method to control if a package has be reloaded if modified
  • [API] Add SDPackageMgr.getPackages() method
  • [API] Add possibility to get/add/remove root paths from SDModuleMgr
  • [API] Allow getting the pointer of the pixels buffer and the pitch of a SDTexture
  • [API] Allow to retrieve the pointer of the MainWindow
  • [API] Allow to create custom menus in the main menu
  • [API] Allow to create custom DockWidgets in the main window
  • [API] Use object names to find menus in toolbars
  • [API] Provide system to manage application notifications to the API
  • [PythonIntegration] Add default environment variable to look for python plugins
  • [PythonIntegration] Add text search and replace to the Python editor
  • [PythonIntegration] Instanciate Python plugins at startup
  • [PythonIntegration] Take in account PYTHONPATH environment variable
  • [PythonIntegration] Allow creating toolbars in graph widgets
  • [PythonIntegration] Support Python threads
  • [PythonIntegration] Add a Plugin Manager (in the ‘Tools’ menu)
  • [Content] Normal Vector Rotation: add an optional image input to drive the angle
  • [Content] New Min/Max filter
  • [Content] New “Flood Fill to Index” filter
  • [Content] New “Flood Fill Mapper” filter
  • [Content] New Atlas Splitter filter
  • [Content] Improve Tri Planar filter
  • [Content] New Non Uniform Directional Warp filter
  • [Content] New Multi Directional Warp
  • [Content] New Height Extrude filter
  • [Engine] Fxmap: new “Gradation with offset” pattern
  • [Engine] Support For Uniform value processing (New Value Processor node)
  • [3D View][Bakers] Improve OBJ loader performances
  • [3D View] Increase the camera clip plane distances
  • [Preferences] Add settings for Bakers
  • [Graph] Make invalidation faster by avoiding string comparisons
  • [MDL] Support MDL Arrays
  • [UI] Engine selection UI improvements
  • [IRay] Upgrade to IRay SDK 2018.1.4
  • [Dependency Manager] Use “last path” when relocating a resource
  • [Cooking] Add support of Boolean Labels in the sbsar
  • Integrate Qt 5.12.2
  • [Graph] Connections are broken when changing the name of the input
  • [Graph] Too many invalidations are triggered when tweaking parameters
  • [Graph] “Copy to Clipboard” action don’t work if we do the right click on a badge
  • [Graph] Moving a frame using Alt is not stored in the .sbs
  • [MDL] Color profile is not automatically updated in MDL editor
  • [MDL] crash when exporting module that contains a specific setup
  • [MDL] Fail to export a MDL Graph that contains a LightProfile or a MBSDF resource
  • [UI] Shortcuts are no longer displayed in context menus
  • [UI] Floating window becomes dockable after restart
  • [Scripting] Cancel option doesn’t work in python editor
  • [Scripting] “yes to all” option in save menu doesn’t work
  • [Parameters] drop down list are not displayed correctly after copy
  • [Explorer] Relocating resources should open the last relocated path by default
  • [Library] The content of the library is always rebuilt when switching from one version to another
  • [Library] Imported Bitmaps are invalidated on save
  • [IRay] Tangent space is not computed correctly / incorrect normal mapping
  • [Function] Crash or fail when creating new graph from selection
  • [API] default value of properties is not defined

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