Aescripts Springy FX 1.1 for After Effects

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Descriptions for Aescripts Springy FX 1.1 for After Effects

A cool toolset that allows you to easily create some fun secondary motion, based on your keyframed transform properties ! Whether you want a stylish cartoon look or to add some subtle overlapping actions on your animations, you’ll certainly find the tool you need among the 9 tools available in the set !

Every animator knows that secondary motion is really the key to add these extra level of life to their character animations.

Indeed, several of the famous principles of animation (“Overlapping”, “Follow through”, “Secondary action” and “Squash & Stretch”), are still learned and used by almost any animator since decades.

But, in fact, these same principles can apply to the motion design field as well, it’s even strongly recommended to use them if you want your animated layers to convey an idea of life ! But creating this kind of secondary motion from scratch within After Effects can be really time consuming and tedious.

The toolset consists of 9 tools, available as buttons with some neat icons, that can be organized as a row (horizontal layout) or a column (vertical layout, with or without labels).

Among these 9 tools, you’ll find :

  • 1 useful springy Parent constraint ;
  • 7 jiggling deformers (Bend, Shear, Squash & Stretch, Jiggle, Bulge, Twist and Liquid) ;
  • 1 powerful springy Custom effect

Compatibility: After Effects CC 2019, CC 2018, CC 2017, CC 2015.3, CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6

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What’s New in Aescripts Springy FX 1.1

  • The script and its expressions are now fully compatible with the CC2019 version of AfterEffects
  • No need for tedious pseudoeffects installation anymore, except for CS6 users (if the “missing effect” error message that is popingup each time annoy them)

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