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2015-04-01   Graphics & Design

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More information:

Newton interprets 2D composition layers as rigid bodies interacting in a real environment. Newton provides many simulation controllers such as body properties (type, density, friction, bounciness, velocity, etc), global properties (gravity, solver), and allows the creation of joints between bodies. Once simulation is completed, animation is recreated in After Effects with standard keyframes.

Main Features:

2D layers in AE become rigid bodies in Newton
Supports masks, text and shape layers
Handles collision, friction, bounciness, gravity and much more
6 types of body (static, dynamic, kinematic, AEmatic, dormant and dead)
4 types of joints (distance, pivot, piston and spring)
that allow you to connect bodies to each other with specific constraints
Provides clean, efficient and easy to use interface
Fast preview, fast export to keyframes
Comprehensive user's guide with illustrative animations for almost every property

Whats new:

2.1.22 (Current version) - Nov 5, 2014

fix a bug with undo/redo

2.1 - Nov 2, 2014
- CC 2014 compatibility
- Added an option in Load Settings dialog that allows you to choose between layerID (AE internal identifier, comp specific),
layer index or layer name, when importing settings file. In previous versions only layerID was used, so a settings file was
tied to the comp used when saving the settings.
- Added Randomizer dialog that allows you to randomize the value of a property for every selected body or joint
- Added Copy/Paste Body Settings and Copy/Paste Joint Settings commands in the Edit menu and context menu
- Added an option in the General prefs to specify whether the (body) color must be ignored when pasting body settings
- Added an option in the General prefs to specify which body identification method must be used by Newton when it auto-loads
last scene settings (in previous versions only LayerID was used)
- Context menu commands are now enabled/disabled according to the current selection (in previous versions they were always
- File path of the last loaded settings becomes the default path when loading settings
- File path of the last saved settings becomes the default path when saving settings
- UI sliders moved with the mouse step of 0.005 instead of 0.001
- Auxiliary dialogs (prefs, randomizer, keyboard shortcuts) have now a window frame
- Load/Save settings dialogs have been customized to better fit Newton's appearance
- Updated documentation

- Launching Newton with the Effect Controls panel opened (or similar panels) was sometimes causing a crash
- Motion path of AEmatic and kinematic bodies were sometimes incorrect
- Delaunay triangulation (used when creating multiple distance joints at once) was sometimes yielding a crash
- After resetting transform of two bodies connected by a pivot joint, joint anchor was staying at the same position
- Fixed bugs in Undo/Redo system
- Fixed "flashing" bug when moving bodies in the scene on Mac OS X

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