AEscripts Explode Shape Layers v.3.1.0

2015-04-03   Graphics & Design

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Name AEscripts Explode Shape Layers v.3.1.0
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Created on 2015-03-22 23:09:16
Hash 5b63df23b82b285f7f8bdb210757aee8261b3535
Files Explode Shape Layers (85.55 kB)



More information:

Take control of your shape layers! Explode & merge for greater precision.

Do you deal with a lot of shape layers, or shape layers from Adobe Illustrator? Explode will take a shape layer and split each shape out into its own individual layer, for finer control & easier access. Alternatively, you can Merge multiple shape layers together into a new layer!

Tired of having to right-click your .ai layer to make it into a shape layer? Use Convert!

If any of your Illustrator layers have non-100% opacity or go outside of the frame, you've probably noticed that converting brings in an empty artboard artifact that gets in the way. No more! Remove it with Remove Artboard.

Now, your new shape layers probably have a tonne of strokes and fills that need adjusting-- that's what Select Fills and Select Strokes are for. One-click buttons to select all fills or all strokes in your comp, or hold shift to find any fills or strokes with the same colour as the selected.

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