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Version: 5.2
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: Serial

OS version: 10.10 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit
RAM minimum: ...
Video RAM: ...

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Acorn 5.2 - 08.12.2015.
Deep color image support. Do you have a 5k iMac or recent Mac Pro with a 30 bit display? Then you get to enjoy a new level of color accuracy using Acorn 5.2. Make a 16bpc image, and you'll no longer have crazy gradient banding! Deeper colors, and a wider gamut. What's not to like about that?!
New color well in the tools palette. It's a bit more clear which color is for stroke and which one is for fill when dealing with shapes.
Acorn can now open up basic SVG files. The File ▸ New Document from Clipboard menu item will now also with with SVG data on the clipboard.
If you have multiple fonts selected for a text box, a little note will show up next to the font family popup letting know this.
You can now paste your selection when in quickmask mode.
Changed the default colors from a white fill and black stroke, to a white stroke and black fill. This makes adding text for the first time much more sane.
The previously blank palette (when you click on the move tool) is now populated with various statistics about the open document.
If you're on 10.11 or later, Acorn can now export your image as TGA.
Fixed a bug where the Crop Automator Action wouldn't work correctly when used as a Finder service.
Fixed a bug where Acorn would show hidden layers on SVG export.
Fixed a bug where Google's Raleway font couldn't be selected.
Fixed a bug where pressing the bold button in the text palette wouldn't always unbold bolded text.
Acorn does a better job at remembering the extension you were using for your file when doing a Save As (think jpeg vs. jpg).
Fixed a problem where the colorspace for images made from the clipboard was lost when you copied from Sketch.
Fixed a problem where you couldn't import Photoshop brushes if you didn't already have Photoshop installed.
Fixed a bug where you would sometimes start rotating a shape when you meant to resize it.
Fixed some redraw problems with selections when you were zoomed in.
It's a bit easier to select text boxes when you're on a shape layer (ie- click throughs don't happen when you click between letters).
Various other bug fixes we're too lazy or embarrassed to talk about.

More Info:

Everyone needs to edit images at some point, but not everyone has the time to learn complicated super pricey image editing programs. This is why we created Acorn. Add text and shapes to your digital pictures.

Combine images together to create your own. Work with layers to touch up your favorite photos or make something new from scratch. Do all this and more with Acorn.

* Take screenshots using Acorn and edit them right away.
* Chain together image filters to create stunning effects.
* Layer based image editing, an industry standard.
* Make new images and layers using your built-in iSight.
* Easy image and canvas resizing, just by changing the size of your window.
* Take advantage of every pixel of your monitor with full screen image editing.
* Tablet sensitive for pressure strokes and using the tablet's eraser.
* Vector shape and text layers.
* Freeform, elliptical, rectangular, and magic wand selections.
* Gradients.
* Create and apply custom text styles.
* Control opacity and blending modes for each layer.
* Write plugins using the Python scripting language, as well as in Objective-C.
* GPU powered. The same graphics card that makes your gaming experience smooth, helps Acorn fly through the toughest of graphics operations.

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