AceReader Elite Edition – 10.0.5 [Intel-Serial]

2014-10-31   Education


AceReader Elite Edition – 10.0.5 [Intel-Serial]

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Name: AceReader Elite Edition
Version: - 10.0.5
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: Serial

OS version: 10.6.8+
Processor type(s) & speed:
RAM minimum: 64MB
Video RAM:

AceReader is rated #1 by speed reading experts and reading instructors. It's used by thousands of individual consumers, schools, learning centers and military institutions.

AceReader Elite includes Tests, Drills, and Games designed to assess and improve your reading skills. The program allows you to have the level of control that suits your needs. It includes three methods of operation: Course Mode, Menu Mode, and Reading Mode. The Course Mode leads you through a self-adjusting and personalized training process. The Menu Mode lets you pick-and-choose from a menu list of training activities. The Reading Mode allows you to have full control by letting you load your own material from the clipboard or documents (i.e. Web pages, e-mails, .pdf files, .doc files) and letting you manually set the display modes and speed settings. With the Reading Mode you can train with material that you needed to read anyway. Since the Reading Mode has so much flexibility with how it can present text, many people use this part of the program as a productivity tool to help them get through reading material more efficiently while on the computer.

New 2014 Features: Includes 625 eBooks, video tutorials and text-to-speech capabilities.

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