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Name: ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac
Version: BETA 4.0.488
Released: August 23, 2017
Mac Platform: Intel
OS Version: OS X 10.11 or macOS 10.12

Includes: Pre-K’ed

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Application ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac BETA is one of the best solutions for working with graphic images in a Mac environment. High-quality photo processing, optimization of all aspects of the workflow, saving time, effort and user finance are provided by Photo Studio for Mac BETA.

The interface of the program allows to carry out convenient adjustment. Its focus on key stages of managing, viewing and processing photos in Mac OS simplifies the process of navigating among folders and files, facilitates the selection of necessary images, helps in managing metadata and in working with RAW.

ACDSee Photo Studio supports more than 100 graphic file formats, allows batch processing of files, easily add meta tags to images. As it was already mentioned, the set of program tools is rich in its functionality.

You can adjust the color channels, fix artifacts of photos that appear due to optics errors, and you can even add “watermarks”. In the program ACDSee Photo Studio there are two tools for creating slideshows, they should not be confused.

The first one is Slideshow → Slideshow. This tool is used to display photos on the monitor directly from the program ACDSee Photo Studio.

Another, Create → Slideshow file … is needed to export to a file that can be mailed, published in a blog, or run on another computer that does not have the installed program ACDSee Photo Studio.

ACDSee Photo Studio can create CD and DVD-ROM with data, as well as Video-CD.

ACDSee Photo Studio allows you to publish photos on three photohostings: Flickr, SmugMug and Zenfolio. Users can change the size of the photo at the time of publication, it is possible to add keywords, both manually and from EXIF ​​data, as well as selecting existing folders for image placement.

Also ACDSee works with RAW format without degrading the quality of the photo. You can not be afraid of damage to the original image.

What’s New in Version ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac BETA 4.0.488
New Features
  • Added the “Rename” command to the Folders pane context menu
  • Added the ability to copy files from iOS device to folder in Manage mode
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where ACDSee might have no interface if a removable device or network share is connected on launch
  • Fixed an issue on 10.11 where ACDSee fails to read file information and thumbnail if system language is non-English and path to image contains a folder name that has been localized
  • Fixed an issue where ACDSee crashes when browsing images on 10.13 High Sierra
  • Fixed an issue where ACDSee fails to enter View mode with viewable images if non-viewable item selected
  • Fixed an issue with the file list where selecting an item that is part of a multiple selection doesn’t deselect the other items
  • Fixed an issue where folder thumbnails are blurry
  • Fixed an issue with ACDSee becoming unresponsive when trying to open a folder that doesn’t exist
  • Fixed an issue where IPTC Core metadata doesn’t get applied when encoding a file
  • Fixed an issue where the “Remove All Items” command requires volume to be connected to work
  • Fixed an issue where pasting a copied selection from View Mode isn’t viewable in ACDSee
  • Fixed an issue where browsing a folder in the Import dialog adds the items to the ACDSee database
  • Fixed a crash when importing from an iOS device more than once within the same session
  • Fixed an issue where after Save As, Manage mode opens to the parent folder of the source image, not the output image
  • Fixed an issue where slideshow transitions go to the next image too quickly
  • Fixed an issue where ACDSee becomes unresponsive when sorting after re-ordering List view columns
  • Fixed an issue where ACDSee becomes unresponsive when selecting a Volume returned by Quick Search
  • Fixed a crash when moving or renaming an item in Finder while it is shown in the ACDSee file list via Smart Folder or Quick Search
  • Fixed an issue where applying Batch Develop preset during Import does not successfully apply to all thumbnails
  • Fixed an issue where selecting the “Tagged” Smart Folder returns untagged images
  • Fixed an issue where using logic operators (and, or, not) in Spotlight search fails to return results
  • Fixed an issue where “Search Selected Folders Only” option fails to return results if folder is browsed via Favorites
  • Fixed an issue where progress indicator doesn’t report progress during Paste or Duplicate of folder
  • Fixed an issue where Smart Folder may show contents of previously selected Smart Folder
  • Fixed an issue where RAW images don’t show embedded JPGs while decoding in Develop mode
  • Fixed an issue where the Status Bar doesn’t update after Save As
  • Fixed an issue where Search fails to return items by IPTC keyword if IPTC keyword was assigned within the same session
  • Fixed an issue where EXIF Date/Time Original value written to file via Batch Adjust Time Stamp is incorrect
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect thumbnail may show after replacing an image using the same filename
  • Fixed an issue where the High Quality Color EQ “Master” slider is missing in Develop mode
  • Fixed an issue where renaming a selected folder in the folder tree via left mouse click doesn’t work
  • Fixed an issue where Spotlight Search shows hidden folders
  • Fixed an issue with the View mode Select tool where saved selections of non-encodable images do not include the correct region
  • Improved performance when restoring a backed up ACDSee database
  • Fixed an issue where search fails to return RAW images by IPTC metadata after restoring a ACDSee Mac Pro 3 database
  • Fixed an issue where ACDSee fails to show file info and thumbnails when force refreshing a file list with multiple folders selected
  • Fixed an issue where color labels are missing in List view
  • Fixed an issue where the title bar doesn’t update after selecting an image in a search result
  • Fixed an issue where searching by IPTC Description or Special Instructions fails to return results
  • Fixed a crash when browsing to an image with a negative rating
  • Fixed an issue where the Refresh command scrolls the file list to the top of the list
  • ACDSee is no longer distributed with an installer package. To install, simply open the DMG and drag-and-drop the ACDSee app to your Applications folder.
  • The Restore Database feature is still under development and considered not ready for use.
  • Although we strive to maintain backward compatibility with previous Betas, please be aware this is Beta software. Future changes may occur which break compatibility with the current Beta release.



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