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ACDSee Photo Studio 6.0.1484


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Name ACDSee Photo Studio 6 6 0 1484 [TNT]
Size 40.54 MB
Created on 2019-11-22 15:27:48
Hash ff8966ec999fed8445e04cf85386cdc31b678be4
Files ACDSee Photo Studio 6 6 0 1484 [TNT] (40.54 MB)

Descriptions for ACDSee Photo Studio 6.0.1484

Harness the beauty of your images with one of the speediest digital asset managers and RAW processors on the platform, ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac 6. Take control of your collection with one-click searches, drag and drop searching, and saved searches, all with the convenience of import-free access to your images. Faster launching, browsing, scrolling, and searching, sleek organizational tools, customizable batch operations, RAW support for over 550 camera models, and a full toolkit of non-destructive adjustments make ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac 6 your go-to digital photography resource.

A Powerful Digital Asset Manager for Mac

Make your own photography workflow rules with extensive tools for moving, finding, sorting, and sharing. Sort by date, rate images to keep track of your best work, and set categories and keywords using the method that works for you. Organize your collection, find duplicates to save space, view and edit EXIF and IPTC information, and embed your own metadata. Identify individual images for further processing with customizable color labels and visual tags.

More Ways to Control Your Collection

  • Improved Browser History Support – Hold down the Back button to view a list of your Recently Browsed Folders.
  • Easy-Select Tabs – Select or deselect multiple folders and subfolders using the Easy-Select Tabs along your file tree.
  • Direct Access to iCloud Drive – Easily backup and share files on your iCloud drive directly through ACDSee.
  • Improved Keyword Management – Frequently-used keyword sets come pre-loaded in the latest version, and established keyword lists can be imported and exported.
  • Saved Searches – Create searches based on criteria you choose, and access those results with a single click at any time.

What’s New?

Adaptability and Security

Get direct access to your iCloud drive from within Manage mode to easily back up and share files.

Easy-Select Ease

View multiple folders at once, or search combinations of metadata fields simultaneously with the Easy-Select indicators.

Take a Quick Look

Immediately launch any supported file type in Quick Look directly from within ACDSee, including videos, PDFs, and documents.

Instant Special Item Searches

Find all photos with added database data not yet embedded, or unkeyworded photos, or all videos in a single click.

Copy/Paste Efficiency

Save hours by copying and pasting metadata from one file to many.

No Need to Search

Easily access all of the photos meeting criteria you specify with powerful saved searches you can click at any time in Manage mode.

Snappier Performance

Enjoy faster launching, browsing, scrolling, and searching.

Social Keywording

Save countless hours of manual entry by importing established keyword lists. Export keyword lists and share them with other users.

The Whole Set

ACDSee now comes pre-loaded with a variety of usable keyword sets. You can also create sets of related categories and switch between them.


macOS High Sierra (10.13), macOS Mojave (10.14) or macOS Catalina (10.15)

What’s New in ACDSee Photo Studio 6.0.1484

New Features

  • Direct access to iCloud Drive in Folders pane
  • View Recent Folders
  • Import/export keyword lists
  • Create keyword and category sets, comes pre-loaded with usable sample keyword sets
  • Saved Searches available in the Organize pane with one click
  • New Special Items (search for images with Embed Pending, No Keywords, or for Videos with one click)
  • Copy and paste metadata
  • Rebuild Thumbnails and Metadata tool
  • Embed Pending Flag identifies files with metadata to embed
  • Can set Embed Pending Reminder
  • Can embed metadata in all files at once
  • Easy-Select arrows in Manage mode make it possible to select multiple folders at once, and search combinations of metadata fields at once


  • App launch time is faster
  • Folder browse performance is faster
  • File list scrolling performance is better
  • Quick Search performance is faster
  • Display thumbnails of PDFs
  • Display thumbnails of Affinity Photo .afphoto files (Affinity Photo required)
  • Search by file metadata, such as file size, location, type, date modified, date created
  • In the Batch Copy tool, copy to a subfolder within the original folder
  • Recently used destination folders are remembered in Batch, Import tool
  • Manage Batch Presets from within the Batch Workflow window
  • Full screen available in Develop mode
  • Copy and delete files in Develop mode
  • Show/hide the Filmstrip in View and Develop mode
  • Better handling of keyboard shortcut conflicts
  • Tap the spacebar to view selected files in Quick Look
  • Press Command right arrow key in the Properties pane to apply metadata and advance to the next photo in a single motion (or left to go to previous)
  • In the ACDSee Metadata Properties pane, the Keywords input field auto-complete feature now supports hierarchical keywords
  • Assign custom keyboard shortcuts to newly created commands (e.g. run a Batch Preset or apply a Develop Preset) without app restart

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where metadata could not be written to sidecar file if HEIC file format
  • Fixed an issue where modifying, then running a saved batch preset would modify the saved preset
  • Fixed an issue where the display format of certain metadata values (e.g. Exposure Time) was incorrect for some images
  • Fixed an issue where commands were disabled after renaming a file
  • Fixed an issue where file size reported by ACDSee was calculated differently than in Finder
  • Fixed an issue where the Map would only show pins of geotagged images for a single folder even if multiple folders were selected
  • Fixed an issue where opening an image in View or Develop mode would fail if the image was on a removable drive and previously detected as offline
  • Fixed an issue where the output file size of a Batch Resize operation may be larger than necessary

Known Issues

  • In the File List pane, file type icon is missing if file type is .afphoto.
  • Assigning metadata via the Batch tool fails if preceded by a Move or Copy action.
  • Embedding ACDSee Metadata may fail if file type is PNG.
  • When embedding ACDSee Metadata, or writing GPS or Reverse Geocode info to many files, a delay may occur before the operation begins.
  • Search by EXIF Shutter Speed Value returns incorrect results. Workaround: search by EXIF Exposure Time.
  • Image doesn’t fit display when app moved to another monitor and Full Screen enabled.
  • File List items are sorted by name if items are uncataloged and sort method is based on EXIF or IPTC metadata.
  • Find Duplicates tool doesn’t work with iCloud Drive.
  • Restore Database will not begin if the database to be restored is currently open. Workaround: close all apps that are using the database to be restored.
  • Disconnecting an iOS device while importing will crash ACDSee.
  • Move to Trash will not work on images stored on cameras.
  • Batch Copy and Batch Move will not work for images stored on cameras.
  • PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol) not supported.
  • Develop mode changes are not remembered when group is deactivated.
  • No method available to view RGB values while using Eye Dropper to set White Balance.
  • Cannot copy read-only EXIF metadata values to the clipboard.
  • Cannot read any ACDSee Metadata embedded in BMP, CUR, DDS, EXR, GIF, HDR, ICO, JP2, MEF, PBM, PSD, or TGA.
  • Batch Copy operation hangs when Place in subfolder option enabled, “Date” token added to the Name, and date format includes slash character (“/”). Workaround: In System Preferences > Language & Region > Advanced… > Dates, remove “/” from the desired format.
  • Import ignores video portion of Live Photos.
  • Keyword/Category assignment may fail if target is unscanned image basket item.
  • ACDSee will not function correctly if the ACDSee database is locked or read-only.
  • ACDSee does not support multiple clients connecting to the same database. ACDSee will become unresponsive if trying to connect to a database that is already open in another instance of ACDSee.
  • Status bar count may be wrong if empty smart folder selected.
  • Watermark tool Center button doesn’t center watermark for all images in the Batch if images are different sizes.
  • Running Batch Add Watermark while an unsupported image is in preview does not apply watermark.
  • Compare Images Active View is empty if selected image is an orphan.
  • Startup time may be impacted if Image Basket contains many items.
  • External Editors feature does not support images on cameras.
  • Keyboard shortcuts assigned to commands that can be renamed, (such as Categories, Batch Presets, External Editors), need to be re-assigned if command is renamed.
  • On macOS 10.14 and 10.15, writing a Spotlight Comment fails with error “Source file not found”.
  • Adding media files (e.g. audio, video files) to Image Basket is not supported.
  • The folder tree fails to refresh after cut/paste or drag-and-drop Move operations. Workaround: View > Refresh Folders Pane (option command R).
  • PSD files cannot be placed on the Map.


  • It’s highly recommended to embed ACDSee Metadata prior to importing or restoring a database from a previous version of ACDSee.
  • When importing a previous version’s database, please ensure the previous version of the application is closed.
  • Importing a previous version’s database may cause the Date Modified timestamp to update but does not modify the actual contents of the database.
  • In macOS 10.15 Catalina, apps require permission before directly accessing files in certain folders and external volumes. Please allow ACDSee to access files when prompted, or as follows: go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Files and Folders, find ACDSee, and check the applicable boxes.
  • ACDSee writes metadata to a sidecar file in a hidden subfolder relative to the original file if filetype is HEIC


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