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UTOPIA 9 A Volatile Vacation


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NameUTOPIA 9 A Volatile Vacation
Size183.7 MB
Created on2016-05-16 12:39:59
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Name: UTOPIA 9 A Volatile Vacation
Mac Platform: Intel
OS: Mac OS X 10.7 or later
Processor: 2 GHz
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: 512 MB Memory
Storage: 1 GB available space
Additional Notes: Game may run on lower specs, but cannot be guaranteed.

Steam Link:

Are you in need of a vacation to remember and would you like to kick back and enjoy yourself? Then Utopian Travels would like to welcome you to the best vacation resort the galaxy has to offer, Utopia 9! The planet is terraformed to give you the ultimate holiday in a relaxing atmosphere with guaranteed sunshine all year all day. Our professional and friendly staff are always ready to tend to any of your personal needs. We look forward to be welcoming you!

Utopia 9 – A Volatile Vacation is a rogue-like 3D twin stick shooter. The game is set in a tragicomic future with a retro sci-fi feel. You play as the most recent guest to arrive on the vacation resort Utopia 9 but nothing is as promised! Upon arrival, you must make your way through hordes of space mutants determined to take you out and snatch your loot. The nemesis system adds unique enemies and invites the player to take revenge on the mutant murderers! Can you survive the mutant onslaught and sue the travel agency?

Utopia 9 is a Rogue-Like 3D Twin Stick Shooter, featuring:

・Procedurally genereated levels!
・Challenging gameplay & Permanent death!
・Shields, armors and lots of powerful weapons!
・Mutations granting unique abilities!
・Evolving enemies that loot your corpse!
・Avenge yourself and reclaim your gear!




UTOPIA.9.A.Volatile.Vacation.MacOSX-ENiGMA/enigma-utopia9avvmac.r00 (15.00 MB)
UTOPIA.9.A.Volatile.Vacation.MacOSX-ENiGMA/enigma-utopia9avvmac.r01 (15.00 MB)
UTOPIA.9.A.Volatile.Vacation.MacOSX-ENiGMA/enigma-utopia9avvmac.r02 (15.00 MB)
UTOPIA.9.A.Volatile.Vacation.MacOSX-ENiGMA/enigma-utopia9avvmac.r03 (15.00 MB)
UTOPIA.9.A.Volatile.Vacation.MacOSX-ENiGMA/enigma-utopia9avvmac.r04 (15.00 MB)
UTOPIA.9.A.Volatile.Vacation.MacOSX-ENiGMA/enigma-utopia9avvmac.r05 (15.00 MB)
UTOPIA.9.A.Volatile.Vacation.MacOSX-ENiGMA/enigma-utopia9avvmac.r06 (15.00 MB)
UTOPIA.9.A.Volatile.Vacation.MacOSX-ENiGMA/enigma-utopia9avvmac.r07 (15.00 MB)
UTOPIA.9.A.Volatile.Vacation.MacOSX-ENiGMA/enigma-utopia9avvmac.r08 (15.00 MB)
UTOPIA.9.A.Volatile.Vacation.MacOSX-ENiGMA/enigma-utopia9avvmac.r09 (15.00 MB)
UTOPIA.9.A.Volatile.Vacation.MacOSX-ENiGMA/enigma-utopia9avvmac.r10 (15.00 MB)
UTOPIA.9.A.Volatile.Vacation.MacOSX-ENiGMA/enigma-utopia9avvmac.r11 (3.67 MB)
UTOPIA.9.A.Volatile.Vacation.MacOSX-ENiGMA/enigma-utopia9avvmac.rar (15.00 MB)
UTOPIA.9.A.Volatile.Vacation.MacOSX-ENiGMA/enigma-utopia9avvmac.sfv (0.46 kB)
UTOPIA.9.A.Volatile.Vacation.MacOSX-ENiGMA/enigma.nfo (3.44 kB)



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