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NameQuicken 2016 3.0.3
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Track spending & pay bills easily with Quicken Cash Manager, the easy, accurate way to manage your day-to-day finances.

Quicken Cash Manager is full of easy-to-use tools to show you where your money's going.

So you can control everyday spending, budget better — and save for what you want most.

It's personal money management software designed to help you get ahead.

Fixed an issue where sending an Direct Connect Bill Pay payment could show error “2005_Description”
Fixed an issue where opening a Quicken 2015 file in Quicken 2016 could show duplicate transactions in Direct Connect accounts that support Bill Pay.
Fixed an issue where using special characters in the name of an Direct Connect Bill Pay payee could show error 400.
Fixed an issue where switching a Wells Fargo account from Quicken Connect to Direct Connect could show error 409.
Fixed an issue where future-dated investment transactions were incorrectly affecting portfolio and market value calculations.
Fixed an issue where the Net Worth Over Time and Spending Over Time reports sometimes didn’t show the final month if a custom date range was selected.
Fixed an issue where the footer of a printed report or register would be upside down when using OS X 10.11 (El Capitan).
Fixed an issue where new transactions downloaded in Quicken Connect accounts for an existing payee didn’t always use the category that had been used in the past for that payee.
Fixed an issue where MiscExpX transactions imported from a Quicken Windows file were always uncategorized.
Fixed an issue where accounts could sometimes be incorrectly renamed during mobile sync or when downloading a Quicken Connect account.
Added an “FI Id” register column that displays the FITID of a transaction for troubleshooting purposes. Choose the View > Columns (...) > FI Id menu item to make it visible.
Removed the amount displayed in the top-right corner of the register when viewing the Spending or Income tabs to avoid confusion. The amount was labeled “Net Worth” but the calculation was more complicated than that.
Quicken will no longer show the “Alerts” item in the sidebar if mobile sync is disabled.
For new accounts, Quicken will no longer recalculate the opening balance adjustment if transactions are added with the same date as the date on which the initial download and balance calculation occurred.
Added a tooltip for opening balance adjustment transactions to describe how the adjustment amount is calculated. Adding, deleting, or modifying transactions dated prior to the date reported in the tooltip will recalculate the adjustment amount.
Alert notifications (“High Spending” etc) now have a “Close All” button to close all alerts.
When editing a transaction, you can now type “Transfer” in the Check #column to configure the transaction as a Direct Connect transfer.

Mac App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/quicken-2016/id1034022101?mt=12



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