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Name: Shio
Release date: 2017-05-05
Genre: Action, Indie
Developper: Coconut Island Studio
Publisher: Coconut Island Games
Game features: Single-player, Full controller support

Languages (Text only): Russian, French, German, Spanish, English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese-Brazil, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese

Mac Platform: Intel
OS: OS X 10.7 or later
Processor: Intel i5
Graphics: Intel hd 4000
Storage: 5 GB available space

Includes: Pre-K'ed

1 Unpack
2 Mount / burn image
3 Install
4 Play game
5 If U like it, buy it!

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"Shio" isn't your typical platformer. Floating lanterns aren’t just decorations - their purpose is to help you explore the world of “Shio”. Jumping from lantern to lantern should be easy, no? Wrong. You’ll need to harness the best of your wits and dexterity to navigate through this world.

Who is the man under the mask? What is he doing in this world? What is he seeking? There are many questions, but only one way to find the answers. To truly understand this world, you must not simply follow the obvious path which lies before you. Try to find hidden rooms and discover this masked man’s past.

Game Features:
 ● Original side-scrolling platform game:
 ● Jumping from lantern to lantern has never been more challenging. The only enemy in “Shio” is the environment, and it’s out to stop you at any cost.
 ● Meaningful game environments:
 ● The game is divided into four chapters, each with its own mood and weather. Weather greatly affects the challenges that you will face.
 ● All kinds of traps:
 ● You will find many various traps and obstacles along your path. The key is to learn how each one works and to be familiar with them enough to successfully explore the world.
 ● Background music:
 ● What’s a game without music? Music is front and center in “Shio” with original music composed individually for each chapter.
 ● Sad and mysterious story:
 ● The main engine which drives you to continue challenging yourself and overcome obstacles in the world of “Shio” is the story of the masked man. Nobody knowns exactly what happened to him and why he insists on keeping silent.

About "Shio":
For most players, “Shio” is a fast pacing and extremely difficult platformer, but this is much more features in this game. 

Work on “Shio” started when its creator , Liao Yi, was on university, in the spare time between study and homework, creator finished his “Shio’s” prototype and game was able to be showcased on 2014 IGF China (Independent Game Festival) Student Group.

On IGF China “Shio” met Coconut Island Games and its team: Deng Bu Ran (program), Ge Xuanqing (level design), Cai Baowei (level design), Li Lingyi (level design) and others. Original prototype of the game was polished into a beautiful and challenging platformer game.




│── hi-mshio.r00 (15.00 MB)
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│── hi-mshio.r06 (15.00 MB)
│── hi-mshio.r07 (15.00 MB)
│── hi-mshio.r08 (15.00 MB)
│── hi-mshio.r09 (15.00 MB)
│── hi-mshio.r10 (15.00 MB)
│── hi-mshio.r11 (15.00 MB)
│── hi-mshio.r12 (15.00 MB)
│── hi-mshio.r13 (15.00 MB)
│── hi-mshio.r14 (15.00 MB)
│── hi-mshio.r15 (15.00 MB)
│── hi-mshio.r16 (15.00 MB)
│── hi-mshio.r17 (15.00 MB)
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│── hi-mshio.r24 (15.00 MB)
│── hi-mshio.r25 (15.00 MB)
│── hi-mshio.r26 (15.00 MB)
│── hi-mshio.r27 (15.00 MB)
│── hi-mshio.r28 (15.00 MB)
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│── hi-mshio.r34 (11.45 MB)
│── hi-mshio.rar (15.00 MB)
│── hi-mshio.sfv (0.83 kB)
└─ hi2u.nfo (4.09 kB)

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