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Name Prison Architect 1.7b
Size 340.4 MB
Created on 2016-05-31 23:42:17
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Name: Prison Architect
Version: 1.7b
Mac Platform: Intel
OS version: 10.7
Processor type(s) & speed: Intel Core 2 Duo
RAM minimum: 4 GB
Video RAM: 512 MB

Steam Link:

Changelog for Update.7
= Temperature System

- The entire Temperature / Weather / Seasons / Hot water system is now optional on starting a new prison.

- 0010826: [Other] Logic still broken since after Alpha 25b (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0010847: [AI & Behaviour] Tree delivery trucks carry one pallet per truck instead of eight, causing traffic jam and food shortage (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0010808: [AI & Behaviour] Prisoners flock to shop with chocolate in stock (John) - resolved.
- 0010719: [Gameplay] Fill to Capacity - prisoner buses keep on coming even after prison is overflowing. (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0010816: [AI & Behaviour] cells not included in a cell block aren't provided uniforms (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0010817: [Gameplay] Room Quality Calculated Wrong (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0009415: [AI & Behaviour] Random deliveries to the shop cause shortage of popular item types, eventually freezing the shop altogether (John) - resolved.
- 0010815: [Gameplay] Jobs with program education required are never assigned (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0010792: [AI & Behaviour] When snipers stop a large group of tunnel escapees, guards do not process all escapees (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0010834: [Control & User Interface] Showers that are hooked up with hot water pipes do not show the need for normal water pipes. (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0005216: [AI & Behaviour] Prisoners wont sleep befor 10 pm (John) - resolved.
- 0010507: [AI & Behaviour] Mailroom does not work (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0010827: [AI & Behaviour] New Death Row Prisoners wont go to death row cell, just as protective custody prisoners. (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0008893: [AI & Behaviour] Guards, especially armed guards, can get stuck on walls near incidents (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0010802: [Graphics] Snow obscures zoning (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0009583: [Gameplay] Can't add any object in a cell where a gang member lives, incl. pipes&wires (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0010806: [Graphics] Snow Indoors (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0005061: [AI & Behaviour] Utilities cannot be built below crossing walls (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0007963: [AI & Behaviour] Doctors not healing prisoners with laundry baskets (Icepick) - resolved.
- 0009803: [Save & Load] "Autosave Timer" does not get saved (Icepick) - resolved.

Changelog for Update.6
Shown here because version not available on BS and contains many more novelties than update 7 that's more of a bug fix update.

= Seasons and Weather 
- The game will now move through the seasons, with the outdoor temperature varying based on the time of year. 
- Various weather patterns can occur during the game, varying based on the current season. 
- Overcast 
- Rain 
- Torrential rain (Special event, rare) 
- Snow and frost 
- Heatwave (special event, rare) 

- Prisoners needs will be affected by the weather when they are outdoors. Getting rained on will spike their 
comfort, clothing and warmth needs. 

- Prisoners left outside in extremely cold conditions (for example in an outdoor solitary confinement cage) 
can now die of exposure. 

- Weather is DISABLED by default in all prisons, and can be enabled when creating a new map. 
Alternatively, use the new "Map Settings" screen in the Extras menu. 

= Map Settings 
You can now adjust the settings of your prison from a new screen called "Map Settings", found in the Extras menu. 
This screen lets you enable certain options that may not have been enabled (or even available) when you first created the map. 
Nb. You can enable these options, but you cannot disable them once enabled. 

Available options: 
- Enable Gangs 
- Enable Events 
- Enable Weather 

= Job Prioritisation 
- You can now mark any job as a high priority. Simple hold control and either 
left click or left drag a selection to mark jobs. Available workers (who aren't 
already on a high priority job) will stop what they are doing and be assigned 
to the high priority job. 

- If no workers are available, high priority jobs will take precedence when the 
workers become available. A small icon in the lower right of a visible job shows 
if it is marked as a high priority job. 

- You can remove the high priority marking on jobs by holding control and either 
right clicking or dragging a selection. 

- Hovering over an in progress job will now highlight the entity working on it, 
showing a red line leading to the worker responsible for the job. 

- Pressing F while highlighting an in progress job will cause the camera to follow 
the working entity and keep the highlight active. 

= Performance Work (continued) 
Further performance gains were made this month through several different approaches to optimisation. 

- More systems moved to overlap with Render(). 
- Optimisations to the visible object list builder. 
- Singly linked lists mostly replaced with arrays (FastList). 
- Avoid copying of containers where possible. 
- NeedSystem optimised. 

= Bug Fixes 
Temperature and lightmap system corruption bug fixed. 

- 0010618: [Gameplay] Temperature next to fire is in the negatives 
- 0010625: [Gameplay] Temperature drops instantly even in areas that should be producing heat 

Build and manage a Maximum Security Prison. As the sun casts it’s early morning rays on a beautiful patch of countryside the clock starts ticking. You’ve got to crack on and build a holding cell to detain the job  lot of maximum security prisoners that are trundling to your future prison on their yellow bus.

As your workmen lay the last brick you don’t have a moment to let them rest as they need to get started on the first proper cell block so you can make room for the next prisoner intake. Once they’ve all got a place to lay their weary heads the fun can really start. 

You’ll need a canteen, infirmary and a guard room, oh, and don’t forget to plumb in a toilet, or things will get messy, but what about a workout area? Or solitary confinement cells? Or an execution chamber?

Inspired by Dungeon Keeper, Dwarf Fortress and Theme Hospital and with over 1 million players having spent time inside, Prison Architect is the world’s best lock- em- up.

Story Mode 
Prison Architect opens with the story of Edward, a man facing the electric chair for committing a crime of passion. This is followed by four additional chapters focusing on different characters and aspects of prison life. From Mafia Dons to power-crazed senators, Prison Architect has them all! To bring these characters to life, Introversion teamed up with award winning professional writer Chris Hastings, producing an enthralling tale of corruption and human misery set against the background of the modern prison industrial complex. 

Escape Mode 
Finished your supermax? Got guard dogs roving every corridor and prisoners eating out of your hand? Now you can live the horror by firing up escape mode and play as a prisoner hell-bent on getting the hell out of dodge. 

Dig a tunnel, go for the armoury or start a riot and slip out in the chaos, it’s entirely up to you! Figure out how to escape from your own creation, or hit the random button and load one of the 12,000 prisons created by the steam co

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