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NameFX Stat 3 – Efofex Software 3.007.4
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Name: FX Stat 3 - Efofex Software
Version: 3.007.4
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: Serial

OS version: 10.7 and later
Processor type(s) & speed:
RAM minimum:
Video RAM:

What's New in FX Stat 3:

Recent Additions to FX Stat
- Two new graph types - Divided Bar Graphs and Link Graphs
- Expanded data capacity - jumping from 500 rows to 10000 rows.
- Mac support!
- Mix & Match Graph Types. As the image above shows, you can now mix graph types on one graph.
- Higher Quality Graphs. Smoothed lines and transparency effects mean that you can create graphics that were not possible in FX Stat 1.
- Data Interaction. Select and change data on the graph. Allows dynamic interaction with the data.
- New Graph Types - Cumulative Histograms, Stacked Columns, Stacked Bars, Stacked Histograms, Stacked Frequency Polygons.
- A larger selection of data generator that can make a teacher's job much easier.
- Ability to mask and highlight data. Allows you to quickly and easily demonstrate effect of removing outliers or highlight an individual score in the data.
- Re run formulas. Push one button to rerun a formula or data generator in a column. Allows for quick generation of data or simulation of a trial.
- Intelligent Fill Down. Create groups, labels and data sequences using FX Stat's new Fill Down feature.
- Automatic Data Type Detection. FX Stat 2 can automatically detect most of your data types - allocating group columns, label columns, frequency columns and data columns.
- Multiple Frequency Columns for Groups and Frequency Tables. Reuse your group definitions with extra frequency columns.
- Quicker to Use. Right-click menus have been expanded to greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to get things done.

Link : http://efofex.com/fxstat.php

Read file .txt, please.

Statistical Graphing Your Way

FX Stat focuses on providing a statistics tool designed specifically for secondary level mathematics, that produces the graphs you need, drawn exactly the way you need them. We are committed to getting FX Stat to draw the many variations of graphs required by different school systems.

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