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Flume Pro 2.8

Flume A beautiful Instagram experience for your desktop icon
NameFlume Pro v2 8
Size33.62 MB
Created on2017-11-01 20:52:46
FilesFlume Pro v2 8 (33.62 MB)

Descriptions for Flume Pro 2.8

Name: Flume for Mac
Version: 2.8
Released: October 31st, 2017
Mac Platform: Intel
OS version:OS X 10.10 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor

Includes: Pre-K’ed (TNT)

Web Site:


Flume brings the world of Instagram to your desktop with gorgeous edge-to-edge photography, direct messaging, upload support and much more.

  • Upload photos and videos direct to Instagram, with support for original or square formats, tagged locations and captions.
  • Start conversations with other users, create groups and share your favourite photos or videos together.
  • Effortlessly switch between multiple Instagram accounts.
  • A beautiful design that focuses your attention on the photos and videos.
  • View, like, comment, follow and share all day long.
  • View photos and videos in their original aspect ratio and at full resolution.
  • Immerse yourself deeper, and enlarge photos and videos via QuickLook support.
  • View popular content based on users you are following as well as your current location.
  • See the latest activity (new likes, comments and friends that join Instagram) and respond to the latest notifications (new follower requests).
  • Swipe with your trackpad or Magic Mouse and skim through your feed.
  • Search for users, hashtags, locations and save them for quick access.
  • View photos and videos tagged at a location, with a hashtag, or with other users.
  • Read comments and captions written in a language you don’t understand, with translation support.
  • Integrates with Flume New Tab, a beautiful Safari extension available at
  • 100% keyboard navigable, and 100% VoiceOver/accessibility supported.

Note: This application contains in-app and/or external module purchases.

What’s New in Flume Pro 2.8

Important: This update of Flume moves to the secure macOS Sandbox. As a result, all previous data from Flume 2.7 will become inaccessible. If you wish to keep your bookmarks, please export your bookmarks (File > Bookmarks > Export Bookmarks…) before updating.

  • NEW: Push Notifications (optin).
  • NEW: Realtime conversations and messages.
  • NEW: Comment threads.
  • NEW: Favourites.
  • NEW: Support for nonsquare carousel posts.
  • NEW: Upload directly from Photos, Finder, and other apps that support the macOS Share menu (must be enabled manually from System Preferences > Sharing).
  • NEW: Bulkdelete comments.
  • NEW: Customisable Flume main menu.
  • NEW: Push Notification settings.
  • NEW: Email and SMS notification settings.
  • NEW: Launch Flume at login preference.
  • NEW: View comment likes.
  • NEW: Promotable media feed.
  • NEW: Support for the updated “Discover Users” feeds.
  • NEW: Shared photos/videos in pending conversations are now concealed by default to avoid unwanted content.
  • NEW: A notifications badge will now appear when there are new activity notifications, listing the counts of new likes, comments, followers, tagged posts, and more.
  • NEW: Support for blocked commenters.
  • NEW: Support for commenting controls.
  • NEW: Branded Content Approvals (Business Profiles only)
  • NEW: Business Partners tagging (select Business Profiles only).
  • NEW: Support for hiding activity notifications.
  • NEW: Oneclick login.
  • NEW: Hide (mute) users in your Feed without unfollowing them.
  • NEW: Bulkallow/decline pending conversations.
  • NEW: Export conversations.
  • NEW: Scale adjustment and custom border colour (for photos only).
  • NEW: Repost Carousel posts.
  • NEW: Download your own Carousel posts (to a folder).
  • NEW: Editing user tags on Carousel posts.
  • NEW: Inline commenting, via the “C” Hover Shortcut, contextualmenus, or Touch Bar.
  • NEW: Hide photos from the Feed.
  • NEW: Search nearby locations.
  • NEW: Hide suggested searches.
  • IMPROVED: Conversation searching now uses a remote instead of local search.
  • IMPROVED: Switching accounts on the upload window is much easier.
  • IMPROVED: Account data is locally encrypted for additional security.
  • IMPROVED: Newly added comments are momentarily highlighted.
  • IMPROVED: Readability of messages on nonretina displays.
  • IMPROVED: Branded content (paid partnerships) are now displayed.
  • IMPROVED: Large Emoji messages.
  • IMPROVED: Sending multiple messages in a conversation no longer requires waiting for the previous message to be successfully sent.
  • IMPROVED: Sent comments now display as they are pending and can be resent in case of failure.
  • IMPROVED: Paste support for uploads.
  • IMPROVED: Captions and profile biographies can now be translated directly.
  • IMPROVED: Added an option to hide the “PRO” menu item.
  • IMPROVED: Updated to latest media insights.
  • IMPROVED: Photos with IPTC caption data will now prefill the caption.
  • IMPROVED: When a post is not promotable, a reason is now provided.
  • IMPROVED: Added Touch Bar support for cancel/approve actions.
  • IMPROVED: Switching accounts / quitting is cancelled if there are existing uploads in progress.
  • IMPROVED: Logging can now be configured dynamically (for troubleshooting).
  • IMPROVED: Typing while searching is much faster.
  • IMPROVED: More search results can now be viewed when scrolling to the end of the list.
  • IMPROVED: Text legibility on nonretina displays.
  • IMPROVED: All locations are displayed when tagging a post, allowing easier selection.
  • IMPROVED: Tagged location feeds will zoom in, to help give context to the geographic location.
  • IMPROVED: Added an actions menu to the upload window (replicates the “Upload” menu bar menu).
  • IMPROVED: Added an actions button to the Feed view.
  • IMPROVED: Added an option to resend a 2FA code on the login window.
  • IMPROVED: Downloads of your own posts are now performed in the background.
  • IMPROVED: Pending conversations list is reloaded after allowing/cancelling a conversation.
  • IMPROVED: Unread messages while viewing a conversation will now show avatar indicators that new messages are available and not force scrolling to the latest messages.
  • IMPROVED: Switching design mode now animates smoothly.
  • IMPROVED: Tagged business partners can remove themselves from tagged posts.
  • FIXED: Quitting while upload windows are visible will no longer cancel termination.
  • FIXED: Uploads and shared photos in conversations will no longer remove ICC color profile information.
  • FIXED: Reactivations of Flume Pro licences on the same Mac no longer decrease the remaining activations.
  • FIXED: Multiple issues related to Facebook login.
  • FIXED: Recently used hashtags are correctly displayed as soon as the “#” character is typed in captions and comments.
  • FIXED: When switching accounts and upload windows were visible, the preexisting sharing options were not cleared.
  • FIXED: When logging in to an Instagram Business Profile account with a Facebook account that doesn’t have the right permissions to share to the Instagram account’s linked Facebook Page, a permissions error is now displayed.
  • FIXED: Profile previews didn’t display carousel post thumbnails, or indicate private profiles.
  • FIXED: Profile, hashtag, and location previews did not scale thumbnails correctly.
  • FIXED: Performance improvements after prolonged use of Flume.
  • FIXED: “challenge_required” login / upload errors are now handled.
  • FIXED: Uploads would fail if captions were pasted with a TAB character.
  • FIXED: The Flume Pro preferences panel wasn’t always selected from the “PRO” menu bar item.
  • FIXED: “Liked by” didn’t update when changing the design mode.
  • FIXED: Holding down the SHIFT key in the image cropper will update the draghandles to indicate square aspectratio cropping is active.
  • FIXED: The width of messages containing links would appear incorrect if the link was short.
  • FIXED: Display issues when viewing the Feed in “Compact” post details mode.
  • FIXED: Desktop notifications will no longer repeat, if Instagram still considers it a “New” notification and the activity feed refreshes.
  • FIXED: The logged in user’s avatar could switch to a play button momentarily when a specific activity notification was viewed.
  • FIXED: A crash when trying to crop an image that is corrupt or missing.
  • FIXED: Timestamps no longer display negative amounts.
  • FIXED: You can now indicate you would like to optin for Stories Insights (Business Profiles only).
  • FIXED: A crash when saving drafts on macOS Yosemite and El Capitan.
  • FIXED: A crash when selecting consecutive carousel posts in the Feed.
  • FIXED: Tooltips now correctly appear on all accessible items.
  • FIXED: An issue with readability of text buttons during hover.
  • FIXED: A crash related to carousel posts with multiple videos.
  • FIXED: Removed deprecated Flickr, Swarm, Sina Weibo and Mixi sharing options.
  • FIXED: Added the Facebook Page terms link to the business profile convert flow and improved the behaviour of the continue button.
  • FIXED: An issue with the height of edit / share windows on small resolution displays.
  • FIXED: Nonsquare carousel posts no longer display stretched.
  • FIXED: The Facebook Invite/Follow friends view did not appear after connecting with Facebook.
  • FIXED: Added information regarding “sentry_block” bans.
  • FIXED: “Sent messages” are now sent to conversation recipients only when the message has been scrolled into view.
  • FIXED: You can now login with the @ symbol in the username.
  • FIXED: 8digit backup 2FA codes can now be used.
  • FIXED: Pasting of 2FA codes with spaces now strips the spaces out.
  • FIXED: Various issues related to closing the large preview window.
  • FIXED: The large preview window will ensure it’s not displayed offscreen.
  • FIXED: Improved reselection of media in feed view after pop.
  • FIXED: Improved copying of text in comments.
  • FIXED: Timestamps no longer display on sponsored posts.
  • FIXED: Removed the ability to report your own comments/messages/posts.
  • FIXED: The login window can no longer be closed while login is in progress.
  • FIXED: A crash when cancelling a video upload, or the network connection fails during upload.
  • FIXED: Session timed out errors when trying to login to another account while an upload or refresh was in progress.
  • FIXED: Comments can be disabled on promoted posts.
  • FIXED: Messages related to Story mentions are correctly displayed.
  • FIXED: Saved sharing options are not reused between different accounts.
  • FIXED: Logging in with a Facebook account that didn’t have permission to share to the Instagram Business Profile now displays an error.
  • FIXED: “Pull down to refresh” could be triggered on empty feeds.
  • FIXED: Draganddrop from Photos is now supported.
  • FIXED: Squarecarousel posts did not crop videos correctly.
  • FIXED: Large portrait photos/videos could display offscreen when cropping.
  • FIXED: An issue that could result in a “blank” Flume Pro preference panel.
  • FIXED: The Explore feed no longer refreshes twice after your location is determined.
  • FIXED: Release notes on new versions will also appear if not logged in when updating.
  • FIXED: The J/K keyboard shortcuts would interfere with a Dvorak keyboard layout.
  • FIXED: Misc fixes related to keyboard/mouse selections and menu items.
  • FIXED: Hundreds of other bits and bytes.





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