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Descriptions for Dropshare 4.7

Name: Dropshare for Mac
Version: 4.7
Release Date: 03 Oct 2017
Mac Platform: Intel
OS version:OS X 10.9 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor

Includes: Keygen (CORE)

Web Site: https://getdropsha.re/


A straightforward menulet that makes it easy for you to securely upload or share files and folders using your own server or Amazon S3

Dropshare is a lightweight and streamlined macOS application that makes it easy for you to quickly and easily share screenshots, files and entire folders using your own server.

It is worth mentioning that in order to successfully use Dropshare, you need to have either a server of your choice and a working SSH user account or an account for Amazon AWS if you want to use the Simple Storage Service (S3).

Helps you to safely and rapidly upload and share files with your friends, family or co-workers

Dropshare works with SCP over SSH for which you need to provide an account and password or a SSH key pair for public key authentication.

In addition, you need to have a webserver installed on your server that will server the uploaded items from your target folder.

The unobtrusive and intuitive menulet is designed to run in the background and you can access some of its tools and features via a user-definable hotkey or from its status bar menu. The status bar menu helps you view recently uploaded items, check your upload history and access the Preferences window.

Check the upload history and keep track of the shared items

Dropshare can be configured to automatically start at login and you have the option to enable or disable the notifications displayed via OS X’s Notification Center.

The Connection tab under the Preferences window helps you setup your SCP over SSH or Amazon S3 upload and enables you to test your connection before using the app.

What is more, Dropshare is capable to randomize filenames or keep the original filename and shorten the share URL using the desired URL shortener.

On top of that, Dropshare can also be configured to automatically upload screenshots from any given location and, when the upload is successful, delete the local screenshot file.

Randomize file names, shorten your share URLs and personalize the landing page with ease

Furthermore, the Dropshare utility enables you to use landing pages for your shared files and enables you to use a custom design that you can grab from the web or create on your own.

All things considered, if you’re looking for a simple way to share apps with your friends that’s also designed to stay out of your way at all times until the moment you need it, then Dropshare is one of the apps that could perfectly match your needs.

  • Uploads everything: No matter if files, folders, text or screenshots – Dropshare uploads every file and data to your selected destination – also from clipboard or other applications like Safari.
  • Automatic screenshot upload: Screenshots can be optionally uploaded automatically. Sharing them has never been so easy – just take a screenshot, wait a second for Dropshare to upload it, and there you go!
  • Beautiful individual landing pages: Instead of linking to the uploaded file directly, the app offers to generate a neat landing page for your uploads. Choose from a number of free designs or craft an individual design on your own using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. A preview can be embedded for several file types, e.g., images, text or video files.
  • Choose your URL shortener: Dropshare supports URL shorteners as well – choose from a variety of natively supported URLS (e.g., goo.gl or dsh.re), or configure your very own URL shortener service like bit.ly (for hosted services) or YOURLS (for self-hosted services).
  • 1-Click: Delete from your server Whenever you decide that you no longer want to share a specific file, just use Dropshare to delete it from the upload destination again.
  • Never forget your uploads: A full history of all your uploads is available, and it enables you to either copy the sharing URL to your clipboard again or delete the file.
  • Markdown to HTML: If enabled, Dropshare automatically converts Markdown files to HTML.
  • Services enabled: Dropshare introduces itself to the Mac OS X Services Menu. By doing so, you can perfectly use the tools Mac OS X provides to create, for example, keyboard shortcuts for specific actions.
  • IPv6 ready: Worth to mention, Dropshare works perfectly well in IPv6 environments. To be sure Dropshare is the right tool for you, please read the following technical requirements:
  • Secure Copy (SCP over SSH) to your own server: Dropshare supports SCP over SSH natively. A working SSH user account is required on the server. A password (for keyboard-interactive authentication) or a SSH key pair (for public key authentication) is also required. Please note that both the public and private key needs to be set up. To have the uploaded file displayed in a web browser, a web server needs to be installed and configured on the server.

What’s New in Dropshare 4.7

  • Screenshot Annotations Beta – Starting with this update, Dropshare will natively support screenshot annotations without switching to a third-party app. With the Dropshare Annotation Tool, you’re able to quickly add text, geometrical forms and blurs to your screenshots, as well as crop them to your desired size.
  • Dropshare Safe is now integrated – Our powerful access-restricting service Dropshare Safe is now directly integrated into the app. While that makes creating access-restricted URLs even easier than before, it also enables Dropshare to remember previously created URLs which now can be retrieved from the context menu at any time.
  • Access statistics right from the popover menu – When using Dropshare Cloud, the access statistics for your uploads will now be displayed right in the popover menu. Now you’re able to see at a glance which of your most recent uploads are accessed the most.
  • Support for Microsoft Azure Blob Storage – Happy to announce that with this update, Dropshare is supporting yet another storage provider:Microsoft Azure Blob Storage. It is a fully-featured supported provider, meaning that also landing pages are supported. Check out our User Guide to learn how to configure set up a Blob Storage connection.
  • Support for DigitalOcean Spaces – Worth to mention, DigitalOcean launched Spaces a few weeks ago. As their API is compliant with Amazon S3, it just works out of the box with Dropshare. In our User Guide we’ve compiled a short article with information on how to set up a Spaces connection.
  • Share Extension – The Share Extension has been further improved:It is now possible to share multiple files (and folders!) and once, which will be compressed to a single ZIP file.
  • Screen Recordings – The Screen Recording feature has been updated:Now it automatically is in Record from Selection when started, because we think that is what most of you do. To switch back to Fullscreen Recording, just click anywhere on screen. Also, showing mouse clicks in recordings does now work again.



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