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Name Pragmata Pro v.0.882[FONT]
Size 7.10 MB
Created on 2016-04-13 00:01:35
Hash 37c7bb73aa64fd1a962d128bcf2ab01d5127c916
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PragmataPro™ is a condensed monospaced font optimized for screen, designed to be the ideal font for coding, math and engineering. It has no interline spacing, so the lines are more compact in height not just in width. You can view a lot of windows at the same time!





Pragmata Pro v0.821 by FSD/PragmataPro-Bold.ttf (718.0 kB)
Pragmata Pro v0.821 by FSD/PragmataPro-BoldItalic.ttf (630.0 kB)
Pragmata Pro v0.821 by FSD/PragmataPro-Italic.ttf (646.2 kB)
Pragmata Pro v0.821 by FSD/PragmataPro.ttf (1.17 MB)
Pragmata Pro v0.821 by FSD/PragmataProMono-Bold.ttf (682.0 kB)
Pragmata Pro v0.821 by FSD/PragmataProMono-BoldItalic.ttf (613.8 kB)
Pragmata Pro v0.821 by FSD/PragmataProMono-Italic.ttf (623.6 kB)
Pragmata Pro v0.821 by FSD/PragmataProMono.ttf (1.13 MB)


PragmataProFull v0.822/PragmataPro Mono/PragmataProMono-Bold.ttf (660.7 kB)
PragmataProFull v0.822/PragmataPro Mono/PragmataProMono-BoldItalic.ttf (660.1 kB)
PragmataProFull v0.822/PragmataPro Mono/PragmataProMono-Italic.ttf (693.0 kB)
PragmataProFull v0.822/PragmataPro Mono/PragmataProMono.ttf (1.27 MB)
PragmataProFull v0.822/PragmataPro/PragmataPro-Bold.ttf (798.1 kB)
PragmataProFull v0.822/PragmataPro/PragmataPro-BoldItalic.ttf (795.2 kB)
PragmataProFull v0.822/PragmataPro/PragmataPro-Italic.ttf (860.2 kB)
PragmataProFull v0.822/PragmataPro/PragmataPro.ttf (1.36 MB)

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