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Name Operator Mono – Hoefler & Co[FONT]
Size 349.5 kB
Created on 2016-02-16 13:27:51
Hash 1ec83eada8d302255749111ce872f9162d51e291
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Operator Mono is our new family of fixed-width typefaces, with a broader range of weights than a typical typewriter face, and an italic that positively shines in code. Its more editorial companion is the natural-width Operator family, which offers the voice of typewriting but none of the compromises. Operator extends to nine weights, from Thin to Ultra, and includes both roman and italic small caps throughout.
Mono version of operator, includes x-light, light, book, medium and bold in .otf.
Operator Mono Extra Light
Operator Mono Extra Light Italic
Operator Mono Light
Operator Mono Light Italic
Operator Mono Book
Operator Mono Book Italic
Operator Mono Medium
Operator Mono Medium Italic
Operator Mono Bold
Operator Mono Bold Italic


Operator Mono/OperatorMono-Bold.otf (34.39 kB)
Operator Mono/OperatorMono-BoldItalic.otf (35.22 kB)
Operator Mono/OperatorMono-Book.otf (34.26 kB)
Operator Mono/OperatorMono-BookItalic.otf (35.39 kB)
Operator Mono/OperatorMono-Light.otf (34.12 kB)
Operator Mono/OperatorMono-LightItalic.otf (35.77 kB)
Operator Mono/OperatorMono-Medium.otf (34.49 kB)
Operator Mono/OperatorMono-MediumItalic.otf (35.75 kB)
Operator Mono/OperatorMono-XLight.otf (33.69 kB)
Operator Mono/OperatorMono-XLightItalic.otf (36.41 kB)

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