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NameCreativemarket WOLFPACK Typeface 354338
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Created on2015-09-08 18:19:29
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Name : WOLFPACK Typeface
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Vector : Yes
Looking for some type & lettering inspiration for your rad new typefaces? Then check out my Instagram 
WOLFPACK is a typeface that has been crafted by hand, maintaining those beautiful rough edges that your designs need! I've always loved keeping my letters rough and I feel that it adds character. 
There is certainly a huge trend right now for letters that stray from the norm, that aren't quite as boringly perfect as so many typefaces you see around, and WOLFPACK certainly fits that category!
At this point in time I've not added numbers, and have only added some basic punctuation however if you'd like to see those added then let me know and I will provide those as free updates in the future :) 
Feedback is always appreciated. Thanks so much for taking the time to check out my work! 3
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