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Name : Sonten Typeface
File Size : 776.84 KB
Vector : Yes

Sonten Typeface is a modern serif-semibold for title and bodytext in a medium look. The name 'Sonten' originally from Sundanese word means 'Afternoon' that inspired from the process when I created the font every afternoon after my "business" done everyday.
The design prefers to use in insignia style, so I presented the different styles including 3D, Bevel, Contour, Deboss, Outline, and Shadow. Most of them can texted in a regular way (1 color) or being combined by 2 font that have the same position like a multi-layers.

• Uppercase
• Lowercase
• Numbers
• Symbols

Sonten (Regular) with Italic, Bold, Bold Italic
Plus the Sonten-Highlight Layer
Sonten 3D with Italic
Plus the alternative between Sonten 3D-Figure & Sonten 3D-Ground
Sonten Bevel with Italic
Plus the alternative between Sonten Bevel-Figure & Sonten Bevel-Ground
Sonten Contour with Italic
Plus the alternative between Sonten Contour-Inner & Sonten Contour-Outer
Sonten Deboss with Italic
Sonten Outline with Italic
Plus the alternative between Sonten Outline-Figure & Sonten Outline-Ground
Sonten Shadow with Italic
Plus the alternative between Sonten Shadow-Figure & Sonten Shadow-Ground

• Sonten.ttf (w/ Italic & Bold)
• Sonten-Highlight Layer.ttf (w/ Italic)
• Sonten 3D.ttf (w/ Italic)
• Sonten 3D-Figure.ttf & Sonten 3D-Ground.ttf
• Sonten Bevel.ttf (w/ Italic)
• Sonten Bevel-Figure.ttf & Sonten Bevel-Ground.ttf
• Sonten Contour.ttf (w/ Italic)
• Sonten Contour-Inner.ttf & Sonten Contour-Outer.ttf
• Sonten Deboss.ttf (w/ Italic)
• Sonten Outline.ttf (w/ Italic)
• Sonten Outline-Figure.ttf & Sonten Outline-Ground.ttf
• Sonten Shadow.ttf (w/ Italic)
• Sonten Shadow-Figure.ttf & Sonten Shadow-Ground.ttf

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