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Name : Everdite
File Size : 338.21 KB
Vector : Yes
Everdite font is very wise decision for you to buy if you dont have vector software, no need glyph or open type support software. what you have to do is just need combine the font family. This is an experimental and versatile font. Suitable for digital lettering, prints, logo, poster, t-shirt, packaging and applicable for some type of graphic design.
The typeface offers numerous combination possibilities between the everdite regular with other everdite family font type, characters that allows you to mix and match pairs of letters to fit your design. This variety encourages unusual and extroverted creation in lettering design.
In the package you will get :
• Everdite Regular font
• Everdite Standard font 
• Everdite First caps font
• Everdite Midle end caps font
if you having difficult or idea for improvement feel free to leave a comment or contact support directly if it possible i will update it for free.
thanks for the purchased and share :)
good luc
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