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NameCreativemarket Arundel – Cast Iron Display Typeface 354911
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Name : Arundel – Cast Iron Display Typeface
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Arundel has been inspired by cast iron letters above the former Arundel store in my home village in West Cork, Ireland. I designed a full character set around those 7 letters and now present this display typeface that could be ideal for your next design project.
I see it as being perfect for branding, identity and packaging designs... and if you're designing a heavy metal album cover or poster... what more do you need?
Please check the specification sheet before you buy: You will see that there are two styles available – type in capitals to get one style, or lowercase to get the other. European languages supported too.
Please note that the promotional images show examples of how Arundel could be used, the effects used are not included with the font.
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Creativemarket Arundel - Cast Iron Display Typeface 354911
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