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Name : Vector Light Effect Brush Sets
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This set includes 36 vector light effects brushes for use in Adobe Illustrator.  Transparency and blend effects create the glowing effects, which can be applied to any design to add some extra flare.  Simply open up the files via your Brush Palette and start using them today.
What is Included:
Download will include three Brush Libraries. 

• Brush Set #1 includes 11 comet shaped art brushes in various colors.
• Brush Set #2 includes 11 pointed end art brushes in various colors.
• Brush Set #3 includes 11 circular scatter brushes in various colors plus three highlight scatter brushes in abstract shapes.

Tips for Optimal Results:

• Use brushes on a dark/black background and make sure there is color in black (ex: If you are working in CMYK color, don’t set the black to 100% K and 0% C,M,Y).
• The brushes glow best when their Transparency mode is set to Color Dodge or Overlay.

View Tutorials on how to make all of the example images:

• Main image Slide #1:
• Slide #3:
• Slide #4:
• Slide #5:

Link for more information:



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