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Name : Ultimate Painting Effect Actions
Files : 
File Size : 12.89 MB
PRESENTING "Ultimate Painting Effect Actions"!
A set of PHOTOSHOP ACTIONS that will turn your photos into PAINTINGS in just ONE CLICK!
Check out my new "Digital Painting Effect Pro" here:
Two versions available, one for Photoshop CS6 and one for Photoshop CC+
Note: The one for Photoshop CC+ is not as accurate and as good as the CS6 one since the "Oil Paint" Filter is nonexistent in Photoshop CC+, so I recommend its use in Photoshop CS6.
To see the photos at full size (HD), click here:
IMPORTANT! Make sure your language is set to "ENGLISH", if your language is anything else but that, the actions will give you many errors and they are literally not going to work.
Instructions on How to Change the language setting of your Creative Cloud apps:
Make sure to use photos that have a good lighting, that are of good quality, that are not pixelated and that are at least between 1300-4000/5000 pixels. 
I find that the actions give the best results on photos with this approximate size 2500-1700px, but as I have stated, they works on bigger photos too. I would not recommend using the actions on photos that have a resolution lower than 1300px. 
I find that these actions work best/give the best results when the skin of the people/subjects in the photos is smooth, a bit blurry even, and clean (see the blonde girl in 2nd photo and the girl in the bath suit in the 5th photo).
Freckles sometimes give a weird result on the skin (see photo 3, where I have brushed the skin a little bit to smooth the skin on the the area where the freckles were in the original photo (previous to using the actions) 
P.S The Oil brushes I have used to smooth and correct that weird result caused by the freckles, are Kyle's Oil Brushes that you can find in his Megapack here: 
For bigger photos, if you feel that you want more effect, run the action, edit the settings and once you are satisfied, merge all the layers, create a background from your layer (Layer  New  Background from layer | should this method cause the actions to give errors, then proceed by saving the photo on your pc and then load it again in photoshop) and run the action again.
In the file you will download, you will also find a PSD File with a few additional Lightroom Settings, just drag the folder with the move tool (V), into the tab of the photo that you have just ran the actions on.
If you run into any issues or need any kind of support, please, do not hesitate to contact me by private message. I am always here to help and I always try to reply as fast as I can, but bear in mind that I live in Europe, so if you're writing from other parts of the world well, chances are I will be asleep :D So if I do not answer immediately, that is the reason :)
Purchase Extended Use License HERE:
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How to Turn your photos into beautiful Digital Paintings/Drawings easily using my new actions "Ultimate Painting Effect Actions".
P.S Please, share your creations with me! I'd love to see your photos turned into paintings using my actions! :D
窶「 Tag me on Twitter/Instagram: @jasgraphictools 
窶「 You can also use this tag both on Twitter and Instagram: #jasgraphictools
Link for more information:


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