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Typeform text effects allow you to create awesome scenes, own and unique typeform compositions. Just drag and drop items into special scene. Change text or paste logo by just a few clicks. You can create scenes using three different views: perspective, topview, frontview. Also you can use premade scenes for quicker start.


Items — about 700x700px.
Scene – 2600x1440px.
Click on previews and scroll to view all items, scenes and features.

Some items contains as a part of “I am Creator / Topview” and “I am Creator / Perspective” Also this pack contains new items and scenes.

Archived version is 1,8 GB. Because of a big file size, you will receive PDF with links to Dropbox and Yandex-disk (mirror). Dropbox sometimes may not works, that’s why it contains mirror Yandex-disk links.

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