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CreativeMarket - Reflection Lightroom Presets
Reflection Matte Presets Collection makes it easy to give your photos an awesome premium matte look and feel. The set includes photo effects ranging from soft and moody to a beautiful velvety matte finish, creating color and monochrome images. These presets are highly versatile, you can use them with a wide variety of photos from portraits to landscapes and urban photography. Create the perfect premium matte finish for your images!
Reflection Presets Set contains 9 collections /155 presets:
1. Virtuoso (15 presets) : Nolita, Palmiro Primavera, Calvina, Cipriana, Edmonda, Federica, Fiorenzo, Graziana, Laurenza, Azzurra, Nerezza, Emanuela, Fabiana, Vincenzo
2. Impressario (12 presets) : Blumex, Calypso, Cupido, Falcon, Fidelio, Foxtrot, Kryptos, Purissima, Solaris, Utopia, Zeppelin
3.Authentica / B&W (18 presets) : Argos, Cobalt, Essential Gray, Fashionable Gray, Fired Steel, Grey Goose, Morning Fog, North Star, Old Monterey, Overcast Sky, Proper Gray, Repose Gray, Shark Skin, Silver Fox, Smoke Gray, Techno Gray, Winter Walk, Zirkon
4.Extravaganza (20 presets) : Beige and Matte, Byzantine, Dark Orchide, Earth Yellow, Feldgrau, Firebrick, French Lilac, Hunter Green, Mordant Red, Pale Goldenrod, Paris Green, Pastel Gray, Pastel Green, Pastel Magenta, Prussian Blue, Raspberry Pink, Saddle Brown, Tufts Blue, Tyrian Purple, Vibrant and Matte
5.Bravissimo (15 presets) : Auriga, Lynx, Hydrus, Delphinus, Centaurus, Eridanus, Pyxis, Monoceros, Triangulum, Pegasus, Perseus, Ophiuchus, Australe, Draco / B&W
6.Inspira / Monochrome (21 presets) : Bonsai, Brownie, Bruno, Earl Grey, Geriatric Cat, Gunpowder, Highland Breeze, Koala Bear, Lava Rock, Lilac Marble, Milestone, Moonshine, Pearl River, Peppercorn, Red Star, Sakura, Solair, Timber Wolf, Whispering Spring, Willow, Wrought Iron
7.Dreamland (14 presets) : Simplicity, Ouverture, Virtuoso, Triumph, Sunpearl, Sympathy, Glorious, Piquante, Perfection, Phoenix, Primavera, Esperanto, Glacier, Liberstar
8.Intensa (12 presets) : Dartmouth Green, Deep Chestnut, Denim, Eggplant, Indigo, Jazzberry Jam, Light Goldenrod, Napier Green, Neon Fuchsia, Outer Space, Pacific Blue, Sandy Taupe
9.Vintagio (30 presets) : Arabica, Atrium, Barakabaho, Belcanto, Bella Vita, Caffeine, Camelot, Cocobean, Cubana, Darwilion, Djakarta, Espresso, Explorer, Flamenco, Gravity, Krakus, Leon, Mojito Bar, Placebo, Recreado, Rendezvous, Robassa, Rodrigo, Sandcastle, Starlight, Temptations, Tsunami, Urban Poetry, Valencia, + Vintage Frame (additional effect)
・RAW and JPEG files compatible
・Mac OS X and Windows compatible
・Work great with Lightroom 4, 5 and CC (6)
・Step by step instructions are included explaining how to apply content
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