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Creativemarket ExportMaster CC
Export Your Images Faster than Ever
With just one click, you can select one group (Web, Customer or Social Media), combine multiple groups or export all groups at once. All of those groups contain your file presets and with one click on the Export button, you will save all your files.
Works on Photoshop CC/2014/2015/2015.5. Presets - You can create as many presets as you need and change them according to your needs. Several presets are already integrated such as Facebook, 500px, Instagram, Behance, Flickr and much more. You can easily change them. Default Presets - ExportMaster CC comes with a variety of integrated presets.
You can get started and export files in formats for popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr) and photo communities (500px, Behance and Flickr) within two clicks. You can easily adapt all default presets to your needs. Group Export - ExportMaster CC contains 3 groups (Web, Customer and Social Media).
To export files you have to choose a specific group, combine two groups or all groups at once. Each of these groups contain your file presets and with one click on the Export button, you can save all your files. QuickExport - To quickly export only one or two files you can use our QuickExport. Instead of choosing a specific group, you can choose different file combinations or just one file to quickly export it.
You can do this by simply choosing one or more presets out of a list of all presets. Up to 40x Faster - With ExportMaster CC, you save a lot of individual steps per file. Save a whole lot of time that pays off quickly!



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