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Descriptions for ControllerMate 4.10.3

Name: ControllerMate
Version: 4.10.3
Released: Oct 23rd, 2017
Developer: OrderedBytes LLC
Mac Platform: Intel
OS Version: macOS 10.12 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor

Includes: Keygen (CORE)

Web Site:


Versatile controller programming app that enables you to add custom functions to various HID devices such as gamepads, joysticks, trackballs and other similar devices

ControllerMate is a practical and very useful macOS application that you can use to configure various buttons, hat switches and axes on HID devices to perform the desired mouse, keyboard or Finder action.

Easily build functions using a wide variety of blocks

The above mentioned actions cover any mixture of keystrokes, mouse clicks and dragging gestures and more. You can built ControllerMate actions using over 70 different building blocks, which can use to build complex actions.

It is worth mentioning that some building blocks respond directly to controls on your devices while other block are designed to trigger an action on ControllerMate’s virtual mouse or keyboard, run AppleScripts, launch apps or open files.

Customize the behavior of your devices based on your needs

Thanks to ControllerMate, you can reconfigure drivers and personalize the default behavior of a mouse or keyboard that uses the ControllerMate driver. Hence, by using a driver configuration, you can enable or disable buttons, or change their function altogether.

What is more, MIDI messages can be used to trigger building blocks just like you would do with a joystick, mouse or keyboard. You also have the option to use ControllerMate and create, and send MIDI messages via MIDI sources.

Create virtual devices and use them to control apps

More experienced users are given the option to create virtual tablet, mouse or joystick devices that are controlled by ControllerMate programming. The type of devices are perceived by most applications as real devices, fact that allows you to ControllerMate’s building blocks and driver configuration to control them.

ControllerMate’s built-in helper is designed to run in the background and monitor that attached controllers in order to perform the current programming when the application is not running. In other words, you can quit ControllerMate after you finished setting it up and let the background app take over.

What’s new in ControllerMate 4.10.3

  • ControllerMate v4.10.3 provides more helpful information when its driver is not loaded while running on macOS 10.13 High Sierra.This should help users navigate the new High Sierra system extension approval process more quickly.
  • ControllerMate v4.10.3 also handles Bluetooth LE devices in the same manner as earlier Bluetooth devices.This should improve compatibility with newer Bluetooth devices.



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