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Name: Red Giant Effects Suite
Version: 11.1.10
Mac Platform: Intel
OS Version: OS X 10.8 or later
・Adobe After Effects CC (2017), CC(2015.3), CC (2015), CC (2014), CC, CS6
・Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2017), CC(2015.3), CC (2015), CC (2014), CC, CS6
Web Site:
Visual Effects and Motion Graphics tools
Red Giant Effects Suite is a set of 9 tools that have served the visual effects community for years, delivering the creative freedom to produce professional effects.
Knoll Light Factory 3.0
3D Lens Flares for Motion Graphics and VFX.
• - Created by Industrial Light & Magic's John Knoll
• - Over 100 fully customizable presets
• - After Effects camera-aware - flares can be linked to lights in 3D space
Composite Wizard 1.4.6
Cleanup tools for keyed footage and more.
• - The simplest complement for your keying solutions
• - Superior Edge control integrates your subject with your scene
• - Remove unwanted artifacts, then use light and color tools to finish your composite
ToonIt 2.1
Give video the look of a cartoon, comic book or painting.
• - Add interest to ordinary images
• - Believable cartoon effects powered by Toonamation
• - More than 40 presets make workflow easy and fast
Holomatrix 1.2
Sci-fi holograms. Digital distortion. Bad Reception. Enhancement for UI and HUD Elements.
• - Recreate holographic looks for your footage, logos or motion graphic elements
• - Enhance the look of digital signs, screens, and heads-up displays
• - Mess up your footage to mimic bad reception
Image Lounge 1.4
Camera tools, fractals, and distortion effects.
• - Give your image a greater impact
• - Filters replicate natural elements like fire, smoke, and water
• - Add realistic touches using shadows, displacement, and blur/focus effects
Psunami 1.4
Photoreal 3D Water Surfaces.
• - Generate 3D ray-traced water
• - Complete camera control above, at, or under the water's surface
• - Easy animation options to create a wide variety of water environments
Warp 1.1
Shadows, reflections, glows, and corner pinning.
• - Corner-pinning is easy with advanced After Effects integration
• - Control perspective, falloff and more for reflections and shadows
• - Now including 3 tools for unique glows and glimmers
Text Anarchy 2.4
Automated animation tools for text and more.
• - Move text in grids, lines, spirals or other paths
• - Extensive typographic control
• - Create backgrounds and patterns with included Geomancy plug-in
PlaneSpace 1.4
Instantly arrange and animate 3D layers in After Effects.
• - Create cubes, cylinders, spheroids or complex matrices
• - No keyframes necessary
• - Unlimited number of layers
For requeriments os each, visit the "more info" link below.

 - Graphics & Design, Video


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