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Name QLab 3.1.19
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Created on 2016-02-18 01:15:10
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Simply powerful show control.
QLab allows you to design and operate amazing multimedia performances from your Mac OS X computer. A single QLab workspace can control audio, video, MIDI, OSC, and more.
Amazingly deep, surprisingly easy.
Using building blocks called "cues", you can create sophisticated designs in seconds.
Getting started is as simple as dragging in a file and pressing "GO". From there, add commands to fade volume, animate videos, or add audio and video effects.
Once you master the basics, become a power user with advanced features like scripting, video corner pinning, multi-projector edge blending, audio localization, or even building multi-computer designs by sending commands to other QLab machines on your local network.
The industry standard.
Battle-tested and used by designers around the world, QLab is the tool of choice in venues large and small.
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Dive in today, and discover why one Tony Award-winning designer said QLab "could be as important to what we do and our careers as the invention of the sampler."
audio Audio
video Video
control Control
workflow Workflow
Audio Effects
You can now apply live audio effects to all your cues: EQ, pitch shift, reverb, and more. Add audio effects to individual cues, across all cue outputs, or on your device outputs.
Dynamic Effects
The powerful new Fade Cue can adjust your audio effect parameters in real time. It can even adjust playback rate, to dynamically speed up or slow down your audio, with or without pitch shifting.
Live Audio Inputs
The new Mic Cue offers up to 24 channels of live audio inputs. Plus all those routing, fading, and audio effects you get on Audio Cues? You get those on Mic Cues too.
It slices, it dices
Every file can now be sliced into an unlimited number of sections, and each slice gets its own loop count. If your audio files have markers, QLab will automatically import those as slices. Great for creating multiple vamps in one piece of music, or triggering events on a musical beat.
Up to 48 channels out and 24 channels per file
QLab 3 can read up to 24 channels in a multi-channel file, and route each channel to up to 48 outputs.
Text-based level matrix
Setting precise volume levels is now easy at any input, output, or crosspoint. Navigate from cell to cell with the arrow keys for fast volume entry. And don't worry, you can still set volumes by clicking and dragging.
Custom Fade Curves
Draw your own volume adjustments on the audio waveform.
Non-destructive waveform editing
Visually trim the start and end times of your cues without overwriting your files.
Audition your Cues
Check your work without interrupting tech with the new audition window.
Live Inputs, Dynamic Effects
The new audio engine in QLab 3 lets you apply audio effects to your files and mic inputs—in real time. You can even fade the parameters of those effects to create dynamic, reactive designs. Learn more...
Surfaces, Not Screens
QLab 3 lets you abstract away the details of which projector is where, freeing you up to focus your design on the surfaces you're painting with projections. Learn more...



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