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Created on 2016-04-27 21:16:32
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A color look-up table is a matrix of data containing  information used to change an input range of colors into another one. It converts the hue of each pixel into a counterpart from the source pattern.
LUTs are widely used in professional image processing applications, e.g. FCPX, Premiere Pro CC+, DaVinci Resolve, Avid Media Composer, SpeedGrade CS6+, Motion, Nuke, Photoshop CS6+, AE CS6+, Fusion 7 and many more...

It doesn’t matter If you’re shooting your footage with a DSLR or professional cameras like Arri, RED, BlackMagic, Sony - our mLut grades will work on your shots perfectly. What is more, you can change presets, adjust them and customize the settings in real-time! You can also import your own .cube files. Just by applying our mLuts in your production you can get the cinematic look you searched for with minimal effort and maximum ease.

Custom LUT Plugin for Motion 5 & Final Cut Pro X included.

・Black Mamba
・City Of Crime
・Fight Gang
・For Freedom
・Galaxy Battles
・Gangster Story
・Hammer Lord
・In Search Of A Brother
・Lucky Fool
・Metal Suit
・Monarch's Voice
・Shy Girl
・Space Generation
・The Claws
・The Don
・The Nasty Lawman
・The Navigator
・The Prison Atonement
・The Salvation Book
・The Spartans
・The Splendid Resort
・The Villain
・The Well
・Virtual Reality

mLut files work with any software supporting look-up tables

Fully compatible with:
- FCPX 10.1.3 or later,
- Adobe Premiere Pro CC or later,
- DaVinci Resolve,
- Avid Media Composer,
- Adobe SpeedGrade CS6 or later,
- Motion 5.1.2,
- Nuke,
- Adobe Photoshop CS6 or later,
- Adobe After Effects CS6 or later,
- Fusion 7 and many more...




mLUT Plugin/how to load LUTS for mLUT.png (140.1 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/.DS_Store (10.24 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/Annihilator.cube (343.9 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/Annihilator.jpg (61.24 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/Black Mamba.cube (343.9 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/Black Mamba.jpg (41.85 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/City Of Crime.cube (328.3 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/City Of Crime.jpg (20.02 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/Fight Gang.cube (343.8 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/Fight Gang.jpg (17.10 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/For Freedom.cube (343.8 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/For Freedom.jpg (51.50 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/Galaxy Battles.cube (343.9 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/Galaxy Battles.jpg (44.28 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/Gangster Story.cube (343.9 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/Gangster Story.jpg (44.49 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/Hammer Lord.cube (328.2 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/Hammer Lord.jpg (58.22 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/In Search Of A Brother.cube (343.9 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/In Search Of A Brother.jpg (48.46 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/Initiation.cube (343.9 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/Initiation.jpg (18.69 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/Lucky Fool.cube (328.2 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/Lucky Fool.jpg (29.99 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/Metal Suit.cube (343.9 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/Metal Suit.jpg (54.99 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/Monarch's Voice.cube (343.9 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/Monarch's Voice.jpg (15.12 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/Scam.cube (343.9 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/Scam.jpg (49.83 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/Shapeshifters.cube (343.9 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/Shapeshifters.jpg (58.51 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/Shy Girl.cube (343.9 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/Shy Girl.jpg (25.35 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/Space Generation.cube (343.9 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/Space Generation.jpg (57.11 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/The Claws.cube (343.9 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/The Claws.jpg (27.45 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/The Don.cube (328.3 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/The Don.jpg (26.76 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/The Nasty Lawman.cube (343.9 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/The Nasty Lawman.jpg (48.75 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/The Navigator.cube (343.9 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/The Navigator.jpg (54.43 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/The Prison Atonement.cube (343.9 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/The Prison Atonement.jpg (49.33 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/The Salvation Book.cube (343.9 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/The Salvation Book.jpg (44.16 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/The Spartans.cube (343.9 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/The Spartans.jpg (24.42 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/The Splendid Resort.cube (343.9 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/The Splendid Resort.jpg (23.99 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/The Villain.cube (343.9 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/The Villain.jpg (18.02 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/The Well.cube (343.9 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/The Well.jpg (55.67 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/Transatlantic.cube (343.9 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/Transatlantic.jpg (24.54 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/Virtual Reality.cube (343.9 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/Virtual Reality.jpg (25.46 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/Warrior.cube (343.9 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLUTs/Warrior.jpg (38.63 kB)
mLUT Plugin/mLut.pkg (1.74 MB)

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