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Audio Visualizer for FCPX

Create organized chaos with the FCPX: Audio Effector from Pixel Film Studios. Scale, bump, colorize, spin, and flash your media to the beat of music without ever having to set a keyframe in FCPX. Users simply have to import their media, choose a song file, and customize the look.

The FCPX: Audio Effector requires Final Cut Pro X version 10.1.4 or newer.

Audio Visual Tools with FCPX: Audio Effector in Final Cut Pro X


Auto BPM Detection

Based on popular music videos and dj backgrounds, The Audio Effector was designed to help users create metric edits that will perfectly match the beat of their favorite song. FCPX editors can simply choose a wav audio file and the FCPX Audio Effector will automatically detect the BPM of the track.


Sync Media to Audio Wav File

Once users have their media and music in place, they can go to the FCPX Inspector window to choose what parameters they want to react to the beat. Editors can make the scale, position, rotation, color and opacity of their media change with the tempo of their music.


Works with Video & Images

The FCPX: Audio Effector works with photos, text and video footage. Editors can utilize the easy to use drop zones to attach their media to the generator, choose a song, and get ready to drop it hard. Audio visualization has never been so easy in Final Cut Pro X!


Designed for Final Cut Pro X

The FCPX: Audio Effector was professionally designed to work inside Final Cut Pro X. Users simply have to choose their media, select their song, and use the FCPX Inspector window to calibrate the look. Don’t go easy with this effect! Drop it as hard as your beat!

More information: http://store.pixelfilmstudios.com/product/fcpx-audio-effector/

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