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Name: CineFlare - Film Strip
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Film Strip from CineFlare is a packed-out slides and film strip effects and transitions tool for Final Cut Pro X. And it’s not just that…it has so many options that go beyond the simple slide projector look. Constructed using dynamic effects so you can have complete control over your vintage effects without dealing with analog overlays.

Slide and Film Strip Projector Effects and Transitions
The main feature of Film Strip is the transition effect that simulates both a carousel and film strip projector. These effects come with a variety of transitions from a simple fade in and out carousel transition, to a more complex over-advance film strip projector effect. These effects were hand-key-framed from the images and movements of actual vintage projectors for a most natural and authentic feel!
More Features
Film Strip comes with a powerful slide effect that has all the options and controls you need. Shape, size, and position variations of the slide. Control the vintage feel of the slide with variables such as blur, scratches, dust, jitter amount, light flash amount, etc. It also comes with special vignette and custom color grading option…all within one tool!
Original Sound Effects
To top it all off, Slide Strip comes with five different sound effects from the sound of the projectors fan, to the various clicks it makes, to the on and off switch of the projector machine.



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