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Created on 2016-03-04 14:45:30
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Name: SuperTab
Version: 2.0
Mac Platform: Intel

OS Version: Mac OS 10.8 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor
Includes: SN

More information:

What's new in Version: 2.0:
Feature - Drag and Drop Support: 

You can now drag files from the Finder directly into SuperTab to add them to Tab Rows, to open them in Apps, to move them to Folders and more. You can also drag certain items out of SuperTab to paste their contents into other Apps. You can also drag and drop items within SuperTab as well to move them, copy them, open them in other Apps and more. It's a veritable Drag-and-Drop Feature Fest!
Feature - Clipboard History Tab Row: 

SuperTab now lets you automatically capture your recent clipboard history for easy re-access. You can configure the number of items in the rolling history - 10, 25 or 50 - and the type: images, text or both. Configure the history so that just a single click will copy a given clipping to the System clipboard or Paste it directly into the frontmost App. Or just Drag and Drop it wherever you need it. It's SuperTab Easy!
Feature - Clipboard Items: 

SuperTab now also lets you create clipboard items so you can keep any text or image in SuperTab long after it may roll out of your clipboad history. Use clipboard items to keep oft-used snippets of text, or frequently pasted images. Just paste text or an image directly into a clipboard item or simply drag a clipping from your clipboard history to capture it permanently. Note that Clipboard Items replace Cubbyholes in SuperTab -- Cubbyholes are still supported but are now deprecated.
Feature - Capture Screen Configurations: 

SuperTab has the new ability to capture any Screen Configuration of your Mac (number, size and relative location of your Screens) into new compact, simple Screen Configuration Item. Just configure your screens as you want, then capture them in a Screen Configuration item. Then later, when you want to reconfigure your screens to that configuration, just click on the item and SuperTab will instantly re-establish that configuration for you! You can capture any number of configurations to perfectly suit your set up!
Feature - Spotlight Searches: 

You can now also add Saved Spotlight Searches to Custom Items Tab Rows. This allows you to instantly access the results of the saved searches directly in SuperTab (or in the Finder).
Feature - Extended Meta-Folders: 

Meta-Folders have been extended to now allow you to add Screen Shot Items, Web Sites and Auto Type items to them directly. This allows you to move Screen Shot, Web Site and Auto Type items out of your Tab Rows and into Meta-Folder and isntantly free up space in your Tab Rows for more important items.
Feature - Additional SuperTab Configuration: 

Because everyone loves things their own way, we've added even more customization options to SuperTab: you can now specify a backdrop for SuperTab, with control over its color, opacty and blur amount. As well, you can now specify a maximum width for SuperTab's interface, making it more pleasing to the eye on large monitors.
Feature - New Tab Row Configuration: 

We've added the ability to customize various Tab Rows in SuperTab. Just click on the "Gear" icon in the name of the Tab Row to access its features and settings.
Enhancement - Screen Shots: Taking Screen Shots has never been easier or more powerful in SuperTab than with the new 2.0 features:
   - You can now have your Desktop Icons hide during screen shots. 
   - You can now take multiple, back-to-back Screen Shots by holding down the Command Key. 
   - You can now specify Applications other than Preview to have your Screen Shots in after you take them. 
   - You can now instantly create a new Tab Row of your Saved Screen Shots for easy access. 
   - You can now take Delayed Selection Screen Shots. 
   - You can now take Delayed Selected Window Screen Shots. 
   - You can now right click on a Screen Shot item to instantly view your Saved Screen Shots. Then you can easily act on them via a submenu to view them in preview, show them in the Finder, share them via email, copy them to the clipboard, delete them and more.
Enhancement - The Active Applications tab Row now has Hide all Background apps option to keep only the current App visible for a super clean working environment. 
Enhancement - The All Windows and Front Application Windows Tab Rows have been combined into a single Tab Row with custom configurability:

You can choose to display all windows or only those of the front App.

   - You can now you exclude minimized windows or include them by dixplaying placeholder windows for them. 
   - You can now press the W key to close a window in the Windows Tab Row. 
   - When possible, windows now appear with their actual appearance (instead of as a generic window icon). 
   - Each window is now badged with the icon of the App that owns it for easier identification.
Enhancement - Folder Contents Tab Rows now allow you to sort the order of the contents by Name, Size, Creation Date or Modification Date. You can also list files first, folders first, or as naturally mixed.
Enhancement - Custom Items Tab Rows now have nice icons in its menu list of items to add to it.
Enhancement - Custom Items Tab Rows now offer the option of a quick selection of common system folders when adding a folder to the Tab Row.
Enhancement - Your Home folder, Utilities folder and Library folder have been added as options for Folder Contents Tab Rows.
Enhancement - System Preferences now has a submenu in its configuration menu that list all preference panes for fast, direct access.
Enhancement - Any menu that has a lot of items will show a truncated list but will also have a "-- More -- " menu item. Clicking this item will display the remainging items. Additionally, simply scrolling the mouse wheel will also expand the menu and scroll through its contents. 
Enhancement - To help users be confident that SuperTab is running, SuperTab now displays a "SuperTab is Running..." message upon launch. 
Enhancement - PDF files now show preview images of their contents within SuperTab. 
Enhancement - Dock Files and Dock Application Tab Rows have been combined into a single Tab Row that is configurable to display Dock Files, Dock Applications or both.
Enhancement - SuperTab now sports a new highlight color for decoration menus, resulting in a better contrast, more El Capitan-like appearance.
Enhancement - You can now invoke the highlighted item in SuperTab using the Enter key as well as the Return key.
Fix - If a screenshot item is marked to save to a Cubbyhole but the Cubbyhole no longer exists, mark screen shot as not saving to that Cubbyhole.
Fix - The pop up preview image for given item when displayed below the item was obscuring the item's name. now lowered to ensure the item's name is visible.
Fix - The Preference Pane Range Max and Min item icon size slider was broken on Yosemite. fixed.
Fix - Clicking outside of an item chooser interface (ie "Let me choose" screen shot) to dismiss is was leaving ST in an unusable state
Fix - Fixed crash in application manager that was CFReleaseing a nil (CFRelease(processInformation);)
Fix - KVO Deallocation crash fixed related to imaging a hot key view for custom items configure menus.
Fix - SuperTab now delays invocation of a clipboard item until after all modifier keys are no longer pressed (since some actions won't take place with modifiers pressed).

Supercharges your Mac's Command-Tab app switcher.

Out of the box, SuperTab gives you Command-Tab access to:
•Active Applications - your active applications, just the same as the Mac's Application Switcher
•Dock Items - all the applications, files & folders that you have in your Dock
•Recent Applications - the applications you've recently opened
•Recent Documents - the documents you've recently opened
•Dropbox or Desktop Contents - your Dropbox and its contents (if you use Dropbox). Otherwiwse, your Desktop contents
•Custom Items - an set of example Web Sites, common folders, MetaFolders, Screen Shots, Clipboards and more



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